Wichita State pitcher Payton Tolle won the NBC World Series

Wichita State junior star Payton Toll threw six playoffs to send the Santa Barbara Foresters to the semifinals of the NBC World Championships with an 8-0 victory at IKE Stadium on Thursday.

Wichita State junior star Payton Toll threw six playoffs to send the Santa Barbara Foresters to the semifinals of the NBC World Championships with an 8-0 victory at IKE Stadium on Thursday.


Payton Toll was totally at home Thursday when he made six playoff rounds for the Santa Barbara Foresters, two-time champions, to the semifinals of the National Baseball Conference.

The emerging two-way star on the Wichita state baseball team took advantage of a home playing advantage at Eck Stadium in the opening round of the singles playoff game, as Santa Barbara ruled the Mansfield (Texas) TBT Ballers in 8-0 win after seven games.

Tolle, who is 6-foot-6, only allowed three hits and notched one on his California All-Star debut. The Foresters will play Seattle Seeds Friday at 8:30 p.m. in the semi-finals at Eck Stadium in a two-program game that has won 10 of the last 11 NBC World Championship titles.

Previous Jayhawk League programs compete in the semi-finals at 6 p.m. Friday, with Hays Larks facing the Liberal Bee Jays for the right to play in the championship game at 7 p.m. Saturday.

For the Foresters, Dallas Baptist star Nate Rombach continued his hot championship game with a 2-RBI, first-half double, then scored on a wild course to give Santa Barbara an early 3-0 lead.

With Tolle silencing the Ballers’ rackets, Santa Barbara managed to finish the game at the bottom of the seventh inning on a clearing base, a 3-RBI double left by Hunter Ensley, a defensive player who had just completed his freshman season in red in Tennessee.

Seattle studs 2, Hutchinson Monarchs 1

The championship bowler duel, Buttons and Kings was tied 1-1 until the 14th inning when Seattle eliminated one inning to take the win.

After Braeden Terry drove the top of the 14th inning for Seattle single-handedly and then advanced to second base due to a foul, William DeForest sliced ​​a volley across the left side of the field to score Terry for what would become the winning race.

Hutchinson put the race on first base with two wins over Hunter Autrey’s solo, but the run would end there thanks to a seventh and final hit by Seattle loyalist Roy Robles, who delivered five one-hit goal-free runs allowed in resting starter Anthony. Brady, who played the first nine roles.

It was a devastating result for Hutchinson’s assistant William Maynard, who made the final eight runs of the match and hit 12 hitters.

Hutchinson’s only game round came in the first half when Lane Brewster led with a triple, then scored on a solo RBI by native Olathe and Wichita State freshman Alex Berg. Seattle match runs at the top of the second half before teams exchange 11 straight frames of goalless baseball.

Hayes Larks 5, Lonestar Baseball 2

Hays broke the tie 1-1 at the top of the seventh inning, scoring twice in consecutive runs to move away.

Hunter Rawson, the Texas Arlington star, had a solo hit at home, while Austin Gasloff, a shortstop from Tennessee, performed the 2-RBI song. Starter Brady Rose, a Dallas Baptist player, earned the win by allowing a one-time winning by seven innings with six hits.

Liberal B Guys 6, Hayesville Aviator 1

The Liberal exploded in all six games in the last three rounds to recover from a 1-0 deficit to advance to the semi-finals.

Dylan Pena (Texas), Zach York (Grand Canyon) and Tess Armstrong (Texas Arlington) all delivered RBI hits at the top of the seventh inning to put Liberal ahead 3-1. Cooper Hickst, a McNeese State defensive player, netted two goals in the ninth inning to provide the final score streak.

Despite finishing with 13 hits (one more than the Liberal), Haysville only succeeded in one run with all nine hitters finishing with one stroke. Paul Whitman, Trent Maloney, Drake Gerrard and Austin Warkins finished in two strokes.

SummerBall Showdown moves to singles elimination games

The 20-team summer baseball tournament, which takes place at the Genesis Sports Complex in Goddard, concluded its classification games Thursday, with the singles playoff arc kicking off Friday.

El Dorado Walnuts, Kansas Cannons, Park City Rangers, Corn Belt Omaha, Dirtbag Baseball Club and PSCL Select were the six teams that finished 2-0 in blind tie games to start the week.

The quarter-final matches will take place on Saturday evening, while the semi-final matches will be played at 1 pm on Sunday and the championship match will start at 7 pm the same night with live DJ and karaoke.

Friday SummerBall Showdown schedule

1:00 p.m. – Wichita Black Sox vs ICT Avengers, Field 1

2 – US Military Wardogs vs. 316 baseball, field 2

2 — Mid Crest Pumas opposite Al Wadi Center Al Mud Daubers, Field 5

3 – Cluckers Baseball vs. McPherson Pipeliners, Field 3

4 — Great Bat Cats opposite Hefner Pelican Lake, Field 1

5 — Wellington Heat vs. Midwest Moss, Field 2

5 – Dirtbag Baseball vs Kansas Curve, Field 5

6 — PSCL Select vs. Newton Rebels, Field 3

7 – Winner Wichita Black Sox-ICT Avengers vs. Corn Belt Omaha, Field 1

8 – US Military Wardogs-316 Baseball Winner vs. El Dorado Walnuts, Field 2

8 Mid-Crest Pumas Valley Center Winner Maud Daubers vs Kansa Canons, Field 5

9 Winner Cluckers Baseball-McPherson Pipeliners vs. Park City Rangers, Field 3

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