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MLB trade timeout shook the fantasy world, which changes the value of the remainder of the season for many players. Today’s edition of Waiver Wire Tips is full of those who saw their value increase by the deadline. I was able to sneak in to a few other players who were included due to favorable upcoming schedules. One note before we get started: While MLB fans mostly focus on acquisitions through competing teams loaded into the deadline, wise fantasy managers know that the best values ​​in early August are usually players on losing teams and now have an improved role due to the departure of some teammates in the team.

Voit has undeniable strength, leading the Majors in long balls during the short 2020 season. He’s had some success with Padres (13 HR) but could be better off now as he’s a regular cleaning batsman on a losing team likely to face several mediocre reducers late in the games. At the very least, those who need strength numbers should give Voit a seat on the bench.

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Segura of IL is back for 60 days just in time for the weekend series against the bottom-ranked Nats in the Majors with a 5.17 ERA. The 32-year-old has a well-balanced skill set (6 HR, 8 SB, .272 AVG in 169 AB) needed to contribute in multiple ways along the stretch, and almost anyone from the Philadelphia team is prepared for a short time. success term.

Wong swings a hot bat in the second half (.429 AVG) and has a fleet foot (11 SB in 2022). He should score a lot of rounds this weekend when the Brewers take on the 29th-ranked Reds in the ERA and trade their two best bowlers into the deadline.

Kolten Wong is overlooked in fantasy leagues for anyone who needs a speed boost. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

Tommy Pham (OF, Boston Red Sox, 48%)

Pham has the combination of power and speed that the Fantasia directors aspire to, although he hasn’t shown his best form in his final weeks with the Reds. However, there is a lot of potential when combining the 34-year-old’s skill set and his privileged position on the Red Sox team that includes some of baseball’s top hitters. At the very least, Pham deserves a short-term addition until we see how his new role turns out.

Victor Robles (Washington citizens, 4%)

One of the four nats in this article, Robles gets another chance to serve as a bat for the team. There are legitimate questions as to whether he has the plate skills to take on a prominent role, but the Nats have nothing to lose by giving him an extended look down the sprawl. And his speed is undeniable, as Robles is one of 13 players to have passed at least six bags since July 1.

Yadiel Hernandez (National of Washington, 5%)

I promise my account has not been overtaken by a NATS fan! Hernandez is another interesting option in Washington’s revamped squad, as he must now have a full-time role in the absence of John Soto. Since the start of 2021, the 34-year-old is at 0.274 with 17 picks and five steals 537 players at bat, showing he could be an asset at the substitution level in the 12-team leagues.

Braxton Garrett (SP, Miami Marlins, 39%)

Garrett has been one of the best bowlers in baseball lately, collecting 37 strokes in his past four starts. And hits weren’t the left’s only contributions, posting 3.03 ERA and 0.81 WHIP across six rounds since the beginning of July. Overall, Garrett appears as a long-term contributor to all formats.

Spencer Watkins (SP, Baltimore Orioles, 11%)

Since being called up on June 25, Watkins has scored a 1.85 ERA and 1.06 WHIP across six starts. And his resume doesn’t stop there, having participated in at least six rounds in three of those competitions, while enjoying his success without unsustainable volleyball luck (.282 BABIP). I’m not yet ready to fully endorse Watkins, but I would be happy to start him in any home league on Sunday against the Buccaneers.

Chris Flixen, Marco Gonzalez (SP, Seattle Mariners)

I’ll be combining two Seattle broadcast options for this weekend, as both players are in the 25-30% roster rate range and will start against the Angels who are ranked 29th in OPS baseball since July 1. Flexen (3.73 ERA) can be streamed on Saturday, with Gonzales (3.95 ERA) ready to help out on Sunday.

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Justin Steele, Drew Smiley, Adrian Sampson (SP, Chicago Cubs)

The Cubs’ three bowlers are NL’s version of Flexen and Gonzales—the weekend’s live streamers who are set to take on a (Marlins) lineup that has been the worst in baseball since July 1. League options. I’ll put them in this order: Sampson (Sunday), Steele (Friday), Smiley (Saturday).

Felix Bautista (RP, Baltimore Orioles, 49%)

O is in a great place to produce a new fantasy closer to the bottom of the stretch, as she’s good enough for a winning record so far but tackled her ninth man (Jorge Lopez) on the deadline. Bautista has been their best lodging this year (1.81 ERA, 0.87 WHIP) and has a bright future in the organization. He could lead a committee closer and eventually get the ninth turn for himself.

Kyle Finnegan (RP, Washington national, 32%)

Finnegan was in that column a week ago, and is now even more valuable having stayed with Washington during the trade deadline. When compared to Bautista, Finnegan has been less effective this year (3.38 ERA, 4.21 FIP, 1.10 WHIP) but has the advantage that he has already been confirmed as the closest by his manager. For this reason, it is the safe route for managers who need to save now.