The San Francisco 49ers finished seven days of their bootcamp program ahead of Wednesday’s holiday, and with future stars Debo Samuel Returning to training on Monday after signing the extension, let’s take a look at the early relationship between him and the sophomore quarterback Tree Lance.

Samuel, who signed the three-year extension worth up to $73.5 million on Sunday, was first seen on Monday, although he had been slated to be on the sidelines in days before the deal was announced.

Samuel worked the offense on his return, spending the majority of his early shots with the team’s second attack with a quarterback Nate Sudfeld.

However, on Monday, Samuel was seen working with Tre Lance and his quarterbacks during drills on deep passes.

On Tuesday, after having no contact on Monday, the duo finally called, with Lance finding Samuel on the 15-yard screen pass, as well as a 20-yard play that required a fine throw in a narrow window over the middle.

However, on Wednesday, the two did not appear on the same page, as Samuel dropped a touchdown pass on a beautiful dull throw deep with Emmanuel Moseley in coverage. Next, Samuel ran 20 yards off the road, while Lance threw a 40-yard trail, creating another incomplete.

Is there any cause for concern?

of course not.

Remember, wide reception Brandon Ayuk Initially struggled to win against top-back Carvarius Ward and Emmanuel Mosley for the first two days of practice, before dominating the last few days.

Plus, Samuel’s explosiveness seemed to still be around, as he exploded on screen, gaining 15 yards on the fairway.

With camp out there for four days to continue working on their connection, plus the entire month before the regular season, it will be interesting to keep an eye on Lance’s favorite goals.