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The Penny Marshall League is being revived… Photo: Rex/Shutterstock

Penny MarshallComedy drama 1992 their own league It was so well received that it immediately spawned a television show for CBS. The tale of a WWII-era women’s baseball team seemed irresistible, but the show soon faded. Now the rise to the plate is a revival on Prime TV. The new series (From August 12) Created and represented by Broad City’s Abby Jacobson.


Robert Redford
…Robert Redford was a ball player in The Natural … Photography: Alami

“America’s Hobby” has a rich screen history. Jimmy Stewart was a ball player in the 1949 movie The Stratton Story. Robert Redford He played The Natural in 1984. Chadwick Boseman’s breakout role was as Jackie Robinson in 42 (2013). When Fever Pitch was getting US remakeFootball fandom turned to baseball with Jimmy Fallon as Nick Hornby. At the specialized end of the scale is his little book Don DeLillo 6 . gameRichard Pryor starred in 1980s comedy Millions Brewster: It’s not about sports, but he’s a bowler for a weak team, they have train line running through their court.


Kevin Costner
…Kevin Costner loves the baseball movie… Photo: Getty Images

In irresistible tacky Moment last year, Kevin Costner Echoed a famous scene in field of dreams When he drove the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox through a cornfield and then to the Diamond Ranch recreation before a Major League Baseball game. “Is this heaven?” Asked rally. He loves how we flick baseball (and sports movies in general), having starred in Bull Durham and For the Love of the Game.

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Madonna 1990
… It was in 1991 a documentary Madonna … Photography: Alami

The least publicized moment in Costner’s work is the moment of his life a barrier in 1991 Madonna documentary the truth. The singer is hanging out after a show in Los Angeles with his then-boyfriend Warren Beatty (!) when celebrities, including Costner in a blazer and mullet, come along. Describing the show as “elegant,” Madonna immediately takes the anger out on it. pure connection.

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Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna
…Rosie O’Donnell (left) starred alongside Madonna in A League of Their Own and is set to return in the new series… Photo: Allstar

The documentary came at the height of Madonna’s imperial stage, which featured a role in A League of Their Own (one of her best acting efforts), alongside Tom Hanks and Gina Davis. Rosie O’Donnellwho appeared in the original text, is scheduled to return in the new series. This is a ball game.

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Pairing notes

Read/Watch Michael Lewis’ 2003 book Moneyball On how data analytics has revolutionized baseball, it’s partly responsible for your son-in-law’s interest in predictable goals when you’re watching football, but regardless, Brad Pitt’s excellent tournament Adaptation 2011 gets the base.

Eat Snacking is arguably the real thing for America entertainment And the The thrill he has Each major baseball stadium rated its catering: Seattle Mariners win the flag With everything from lobster rolls and wontons to ice cream sandwiches. He took me to a ball game (for a big dinner).