Warriors Rumors: Blockbuster Trade Sends Draymond to Denver


Draymond Green and Nikola Jokic vie for possession of the ball during a first-round playoff match between the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets.

All is well with Golden State Warriors“The world is right now, which is incredible to say considering what the team has been through in recent years. From the departure of Kevin Durant to Klay Thompson’s 2.5-year struggle to get back on the field, James Wiseman’s saga and beyond…it has been like that Much.

Things could get hairy again over the next couple of years, though, as team boss Bob Myers and his mental health look for a way to keep it all together.

Finding out about Andrew Wiggins/Jordan Paul’s condition would be a chore in itself. When one considers that the Golden State will also have to craft new deals/extensions for Klay Thompson and Draymond Green and later, Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody, the situation becomes particularly daunting given the club’s refined tax situation.

Of the above, Green’s future payment may be the most difficult to analyze. After all, a 33-year-old in a year will be his player option in 2023-24, and despite that – in addition to the fact that he’s not a top player choice – he’s Seeking to get the maximum amount of money From Dubs again.

From where we’re sitting, the best way to play the Warriors might be to go out of their way and trade Green for a player they can keep for longer/cheaper. This one deal does just that.

Draymond goes to Denver

Aaron Gordon EPIC Reverse Alley-OopStream more live games with NBA LEAGUE PASS: app.link.nba.com/e/subscribe_now Subscribe to NBA: on.nba.com/2JX5gSN2022-04-02T02:20:02Z

To be clear, this trade-off should not be considered a negative comment on what Green brings to the table. He remains a generational defender with elite awareness and ability to make games on the other side of the field.

However, paying him $30 million or more annually over the course of the extension that will take him to age 37 may be a bridge too far.

So, instead of going down this particular path, we’re promoting this trade:

  • Denver Nuggets Receiving PF Draymond Green, Lottery-protected first-round pick 2025 and second-round pick 2025 (via CHA)
  • Golden State Warriors Reception of F Aaron Gordon and F/C Zeke Nnaji

Gordon’s best traits for our purposes here are his only 26 years old and the fact that he is tied to a friendly deal with the team that he can’t pull out of until 2025. As a result, Dubs will save a few million in raw salary – and many more millions in tax penalties – next season alone.

Meanwhile, the previous No. 4 overall picked would be a nice match for the Warriors’ current core on both ends of the field. Last season, he averaged 15.0 points, 5.9 rebounds and 2.5 assists per competition while shooting 34% from depth.

Best of all, Gordon has enough game to blend in with the core of the Warriors tournament while still young enough to do the same with the up-and-coming players on the team.

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Why do nuggets

For the Nuggets, it’s time to get Nikola Jokic-Jamal Murray-MPJ’s heart at the opponent’s table lest the team go the way of the Utah Jazz. Even if they can get all of their players healthy, it’s hard to see Denver reach the promised land having only finished 15th defensively last season (with a D rating of 111.5).

Green’s incredible resilience on the defensive end combined with the team’s acquisition of lock-down player Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, could elevate the Nuggets to the top tier of the NBA’s defenses. Meanwhile, the Green Games industry on the other end would keep Denver in a good place on the other end.

And while Nuggets have their own max limitations, they are in a better position to expand Green if all-in-one gameplay works. Or they could simply let the player out next season, sign up for 2023-24, and then go get his best deal.

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