Warrior guard Chris Chiusa declared the biggest ‘loser’ in the offseason


Several members of the Golden State Warriors team.

The Golden State Warriors They are the winners. Having claimed their fourth title in eight years, everything is pointing to Golden State. Sure, they have some tough financial decisions to make next year, but for now, the Warriors are on top of the world.

Stephen Curry finally won his first NBA Finals, Klay Thompson came back from injury and moved right where he left off, and Andrew Wiggins made his first All-Star game and became the second best player on the tag team (in the playoffs).

But not everyone in the Golden State wins. They have just concluded a fairly successful season which they have seen Add Donte DiVincenzo And the Jamical Green To make up for lost assets, but according to Zack Buckley reports from BleacherThere was a big loser for Golden State this summer – Chris Chiusa.

“The Warriors sent nine players to free agency this summer. Since then, six of them have secured new contracts in the NBA. Another, Andre Iguodala, has a deal with Dubs waiting for him if he wants to. Another player, Nemanja Bilica, was from It is possible that he would remain in the league but opted for a European agreement instead.

“For Chris Chiusa, he is still unsigned and may not have a path back to the league,” Buckley wrote.

However, there is still some hope for Chiyosa.

Chiozza has a chance, but it’s not a great one

Despite not scoring regular minutes anywhere, Chiyosa has consistently managed to get back into the league. He’s played for four different franchises in four seasons – the Houston Rockets, the Washington Wizards, Brooklyn Networksand Warriors. For this reason, Buckley believes he may have a chance to return to the NBA next season.

However, the 26-year-old has found his way into the NBA roster in each of the past four seasons, so don’t count him. But while his 34 games in 2021-22 were the highest of his career, he couldn’t work his way up. to the full-time rotation role and his career averages include just 3.3 points per game at a 35.3 percent payout,” Buckley explained.

As mentioned earlier, Chiozza struggled to earn a regular role in whatever tournament he was in. In a total of 91 NBA appearances across his four years of experience, he averaged just 11.4 minutes per game while presenting statline 3.3 points, 1.3 rebounds and 2.4 assists 35.3% from the field and 34.3% from behind the three-point line.

But while Chiozza might stand a chance of winning another one, it likely won’t be in the Golden State.

Chiozza needs to explore elsewhere

Although Chiozza played in 34 professional games last year with the Warriors, seeing him earn another spot on the roster with them next season seems highly unlikely.

“It looks like the Dubs door has been closed, so if Chiozza is hoping to stay in this league, he’ll probably have to head somewhere else, maybe on a training camp deal if he can find one,” he said. Buckley said.

There’s always a chance Chiozza will earn a bootcamp this summer and find his way to another roster next year, but his time at Golden State appears to be over.