Training Camp Notes: Weak red zone attack and transitions highlight offensive problems; Jamin Davis may be taking a back seat to David Mayo

By all accounts, Friday’s practice may be the most physical for Washington’s leaders during training camp this year. On a day highlighted by trenches, a nasty outing in the offensive red zone, and too many turns, let’s dive into my notes and nuggets from Friday’s Washington leaders’ training.


  • Receivers Curtis Samuel and Diamie Brown were inactive for full team training. Sometimes they worked on the side today, other times, they were on the sidelines while observing the training session.
  • The narrow end chamber is quickly exhausted. With Logan Thomas and John Bates still absent, Cole Turner injured his hamstring in his first full team practice game, trying to execute a block in the back. He attempted a comeback two plays later and held a reception but was met with a heavy blow by what appeared to be Percy Butler. Turner left training for good after this actor and was watched by the medical staff. According to coach Ron Rivera, today Samis Reyes picked up a hamstring injury.
  • William Jackson III is ‘probably’ dealing with a hamstring injury, too. “Well, if he’s got an ice pack, he probably has a hamstring,” Rivera said when asked about Jackson III’s injury.
  • Troy Apke is also inactive in the side field.

Situational defense

  • LB David Mayo ran with the Novices today in a short-range defense, specifically in the 5-2 defensive front for Washington alongside Cole Holcomb. Rivera and the staff appear to have identified the role of Mayo. Rivera emphasized that there are certain “groups” in which Mayo is more valuable than Davis. “That’s just kind of the way some defenses are set up. We have two defenses where we have certain elements of which we consider our big group. Other elements, we only have one full-back at the start. So for the most part, the first person in this is going to be [LB] Cool [Holcomb]. It’s just the group really.”
  • Jamin Davis and Khaleke Hudson led the second team’s defense at full-back in short-term situations. This unit gave up a major pass in play that allowed Samis Reyes to get behind the second level defense on cross for what would have been a 50-yard touchdown. It was wide open. Rookie Percy Butler was the third deep safe, and I couldn’t pick up who the linebackers were.

Pass the lunge training

  • Newbie Vidarian Mathis had a productive day on 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 today. Matisse won by force on the attacking point and had a good level of cushioning to keep the attacking goalkeeper off his feet and unable to stabilize. Matisse also practiced acrobatics with another defensive lineman, although I couldn’t catch who he was working with. However, Jeep Matisse collapsed after lunging at him with another force. Mattis showed a good leg performance with the actor that would have given him his third win of the day in lunging passes.
  • Sam Cosmi struggled in a rep dash from veteran Montez Sweat. Cosmi was second too slow to get to his set point, which would have helped him get a better position to defend Sweat’s dash velocity. However, the work between these two is not over. After these private rehearsals ended, Cosmi and Sweet came together for a “lessons learned” conversation, where Sweet likely discussed some of the ways Cosmi could improve in the face of the kind of lunge plan Sweet had given him.

special teams

  • If the day indicates what coaches think of returnees, receiver Dax Millen took most of the starting returns for Washington today.
  • Rookie Kerik McGowan saw the excitement at the boat’s return. McGowan was notable because he was the first player on the field today. He was also there practicing kicks. However, McGowan had one muff and one bobble during training when he took two kicks. He put someone else clean.
  • Other returnees to gambling include Milne, Jahan Dotson and Alex Erickson.
  • Garrett Patterson has been in a mix of specials, too. Patterson specifically saw the actors as a jammer on the punctuation unit. A good way to show diversity and earn a place on the list.

offensive woes

  • Antonio Gibson was having a rough day. From what I’m told, this was his first full day in group training. Gibson saw opportunities as a passing pro. While he created a breakup along the way and won the match 1 on 1, Gibson threw a pass at the capture point. It was wide open after its move. His problems didn’t stop there. Gibson was the culprit behind two errors in the team’s full workout. Crime lost both. (Side note: Brian Robinson had an instrumental day, he’s a player to watch next Saturday against the Carolinas.)
  • Sam Hoyle threw a red zone interception. However, in complete transparency, I couldn’t see how the entire play unfolded because of where I sat.
  • The attack had several losses against the defense in the red zone positions. The starting defense forced him to be thrown a few times by the middle and maybe even sacks if their drill was a straight game.

These are my noteworthy items from practice on Friday. I should mention that there aren’t many updates to Wentz or the offensive because my focus was mainly on the trenches and the defensive line.