The overhaul of the Kansas City Chiefs’ quick offensive line exceeded almost all expectations – Kansas City Chiefs Blog

Street. Joseph, Mo. The Kansas City Chiefs had high hopes for their offensive line last year after they invested heavily in the center pool after the unit’s inundated Super Bowl LV loss. They spent their free agency dollars on the left guard Joe ThuneDraft Circulating for Left Handling Orlando Brown Jr.. From the Baltimore Ravens, then the chosen center Creed Humphrey And the right guard Trey Smith in draft 2021.

They may have exceeded those expectations.

“It worked out better because on the one hand, we were so confident in Orlando and Tony,” General Manager Brett Fitch said. “On the other hand, we had high hopes for Trey and Creed, but these guys who played at the level they did was definitely a great surprise.

“Those are the hopes you have for all the guys you’ve recruited. Sometimes it’s like that. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. So for those guys who come in and are able to play right away, it’s been great for us.”

The Chiefs ranked second last season in pass block win rate (67.8%) and third in running block win rate (74.0%). Individually among the regular starters, Humphrey, a second-round pick from Oklahoma, was the number one pass blocker (97.7%). Thony, who signed a five-year, $80 million contract after spending five seasons with the New England Patriots, was first among the guards in the PBWR (96.6%), followed by Smith (96.0%), a sixth-round pick from Tennessee.

Chiefs are looking for more this season.

“We want to be known this year as one of the most physically dominant streaks in the league,” Humphrey said. “We have the pieces. We have the players to do that. That’s our whole look, to be physical, to show the physical and let the teams know when they’re playing with us that they’re going to play against the offensive line that goes off with the whistle finish plays and things like that.

“Everyone came with a desire to work and a desire to become better together. Everyone worked really well together. Everyone worked on all their strengths, all their weaknesses, and worked for the best. We look forward to continuing to improve that in this camp.”

Thuney added: “I started all the way at the beginning [offseason practice]Just talk about it, watch the movie, and see what we can do to improve, run the game, pass the game, the whole side of the offensive line. You always want to be your physical offensive line. It takes five men. It starts from there and continues to build and build. Boot camp is a great place to grow more.

“It was great to have a year under our belt. It’s obviously early in the training camp and there are a lot of things to improve and improve. But so far, so good.”

Rebuilding the offensive line last year was too late. The Chiefs spent very little in free agency or early shots on their offensive streak in late 2010. The streak broke down during the 2020 season and completely collapsed in a Super Bowl LV loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. quarterback Patrick Mahomes Much of that 31-9 loss was spent escaping the relentless rush of passes.

Capturing Brown at the left intervention was a major step in the rebuilding. The Chiefs sent their 2021 first-round pick, along with three other picks, to the Ravens for a 6-foot-8, 340-pound tackle. But Brown was 42nd in his pass block winning rate (87.1%) among tackles he played at least 100 shots last season. So the left intervention is where the chiefs’ offensive line has room to improve.

“I want to advance in almost every way, shape, form,” said Brown, who played right tackle for three seasons in Baltimore before switching to left tackle with the Chiefs. “I want to be a better running blocker, a better passing blocker, a better leader…letting them count on me when they need me the most. That was something I feel I struggled with a little bit last year, not putting myself in the best position because the matches were close to some defeats. the third or in close matches against certain talents.”