Giants defense reflects Wink Martindale’s aggressive tone

Martindale Don “Wink” has the look of a man who’d welcome a fight any day—especially Sundays. Martindale, the Giants’ first-year defensive coordinator, has a rude demeanor to him that is accentuated by a frown and gray beard. He’s got a buxom build that accentuates some hoop around his midsection. In short, he doesn’t look like … Read more

49ers Training Camp: Stock up and stock up

The 49ers had their first two weeks of fantastic training camp, and now they’re gearing up for their first pre-season competition on Friday against the Green Bay Packers. We learned a lot about the San Francisco squad, with some key players as brilliant as we thought, and others coming out with two disappointing weeks. buy … Read more

Giants learn hard lessons in combat-packed training

The giants are no longer steadfast. a Monday’s brawl broke out in practice Which included exchanges of punches by quarterback John Feliciano and linebacker Cam Brown and offensive line coach Bobby Johnson pushes Brown into a rare break from protocol and empty both sides. Nerves flared for four straight plays, beginning when Saquon Barkley slashed … Read more

John Feliciano is confident in the ability of the new unit to end the problems of the giants

John Feliciano finished screaming in pain, but he still had a lot of loud things to say. Could this version of the Giants’ attacking streak – with Feliciano at the center – finally be the one to end a decade of devastating underperformance of the season? “The thing is, I think we can be really … Read more

Lock It Up?: Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll Clears The Air In A QB Battle

Who will start the first week quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks? This is a battle Carol’s house Leaves work itself through training camp. Seattle Trading All-Pro Russell Wilson This offseason for Denver Broncos In exchange for choices, three players. Single player, quarterback Drew Lockhas the experience and perhaps more upside to keep Seattle in a … Read more

Saints Camp, 10th Day Notes: Michael Thomas, Tiran Mathieu near the end of the cliff? | saints

In the middle of the tenth training camp’s training, a siren sounded and warned of lightning in the area. With that, the Saints moved in and away from the massive crowd of fans who came out to see the team on a steamy Saturday morning in Metairie. Here’s what fans missed from the indoor facility. … Read more