WNBA’s Griner’s wife told The Associated Press that the scheduled call never happened

Sheryl Greiner said Monday that WNBA star Britney Greiner tried to call her wife nearly a dozen times through the US Embassy in Russia on the couple’s fourth anniversary on Saturday, but they never called because the embassy’s phone line was not staffed. . The couple have not spoken on the phone in the four … Read more

WNBA’s Griner Gets Support In Trial From Character Witnesses

KIMKI, Russia (Associated Press) – Britney Grenier’s drug possession trial resumed Thursday with the off-season president of the Russian club she plays with and a female colleague from that squad testified in support of her character and what the WNBA women’s basketball star means to the country. Greiner, who pleaded guilty last week, did not … Read more

A Russian court has sentenced WNBA star Britney Grenier to nine years in prison

WASHINGTON – A Russian court on Thursday found Britney Grenier guilty of drug charges and sentenced her to nine years in prison as the US government seeks to secure the release of the WNBA star. The court also fined Griner 1 million rubles ($16,301). The 31-year-old Greiner, who plays professional basketball in Russia during the … Read more