Angels missed their best chance to trade with Shohei Ohtani

The Undisputed Angels have done well to trade with Noah Sendergaard and Raziel Iglesias, but reality is on the cusp of a hit: their chances of keeping Shohei Ohtani long-term look slim. The word is Ohtani – after a second consecutive season of MVP – will Definitely striving to become the first player worth $50 … Read more

Trading deadline warning did not help the Mets world championship hopes

The Mets didn’t take a pass on the trade deadline day because they lacked prospects or money. Their system ranks 14 out of 30, and that’s sure to go up after they’ve drafted more players than just about anyone this year. And while Steve Cohen has less money than Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and a … Read more

The Yankees’ deal spree on deadline leaves rotation weak

Just over a week ago, the Yankees were well equipped with starting point depth. After a flurry of deals before last Tuesday’s deadline, though, that depth is becoming more shaky as the Yankees head into the final two months of the season. In addition to Surprisingly, Jordan Montgomery replaced injured player Harrison Badr (The Montgomery … Read more