Prediction of eligible bids 2022-23: pitchers

Yesterday, we took a look at the outstanding Free agent position players Who can be a candidate for a qualifying offer this winter. Now, let’s turn our attention to what it might be like for free agent players to get QO, with the caveat that players can Only one eligible bid received In their career, … Read more

Updated stock options entitlement: Flexen, Maldonado, Carrasco, Andros

Major League contracts cannot be made conditional on player performance metrics, but clubs and teams may agree to options based on playing time. Things like roles played, appearances on a board or (often) games started or finished are all potential targets that could allow a player to trigger additional collateral or the right to withdraw … Read more

New Mets additions break out for three Reptile owners in a win over the Braves

A complete Mets, playing the best baseball game of the season and establishing their promise against a team with goodwill for post-season. They entered a five-game set against the Braves for first place in the NL East, and the Mets would finish the series in the same spot after riding four home runs and Edwin … Read more