Sweeney excited to start training, updates injuries, happy with OL weight

Dabo Sweeney meets with the media on Friday afternoon.


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Clemson – Clemson held his first fall camp practice on Friday afternoon, and his coach
Dabo Sweeney He touched on a variety of topics, including what he looks for in practice, the health of his team, and the weights of the offensive line members.

Swinney met with the media before the first training began, and spoke for over half an hour at PAW Bistro. Here are some of the highlights from Sweeney’s press conference:

* The first day in terms of climbing on the grass, the staff returned to it for three weeks preparing and preparing. The team did a great job all summer and it was a fun summer. The team spent five days with the staff and then the last few days were all about football. Lots of noise and great energy. Just 31 days until they play and a lot of work now and then. The opening match cannot be won until you enter camp. This team has the right approach and the right mindset.

*This is his 33rd year in college and 14th as a head coach and he’s never too old to be loved and loved at this time of year. He thinks this team is ahead and knows what it takes to win. They have all the ingredients to be a good team. Liked the place of this group.

* Addresses the loss of safety Landin Zander, he says they have a depth of security. The only position that has questions is the gambler.

*says lo Kid Clubnik Required early in the season will be ready. “That’s why we put him second on day one. He is in a great place.”

*He says Trenton Simpson (240 pounds) is the best version of himself Sweeney has ever seen. Then he said that men love Trent Howard And the Ryan Linthicum They are also in good shape and have changed themselves. Sweeney says Simpson is good news for the Tigers and “bad news for whomever we play.”

*a wide future Troy Star It will be limited on Friday and Saturday (hamstring) and Sweeney is hoping to get it back at full speed on Monday.

* Swinney calls Nate Wiggins “Great Nate,” says Wiggins, fought immaturity last year. He says Wiggins is growing up and accepting what it takes to be great.

* Sweeney says goals have not changed, including winning the opening game. He said he was very disappointed that Clemson did not win the opening game last season.

* Sweeney says WR Will Taylor He is a “baller” and is healthy and ready to go.

*He says he sees maturity, focus and health from WR Joseph Ngata (Then he knocks on the table). He said that Ngata had a wonderful spring and summer.

*He says he is pleased with the offensive line and their weights from it Dietrick Pennington (360 pounds). He said Bennington is weak. “It’s all about the composition. Some of you won’t be as good in a 360, but it’s skinny. And this whole bunch – maybe as big and strong as we were across the board. We have to see who runs out there first.”

* said ra John Williams He’s also persevered and ready to go, and he’s a very versatile player.

*He said he was four DE who are freshmen, and three RBs are freshmen. This team has depth across the board.

*He said he contacted him Deshaun Watson Not bad in the past year or so.

* Sweeney wants to see the good practice habits and maturity of his players today.

* Says that Ella Percy is the younger sister of Brian Pressy As he fights cancer, he is the inspiration for an entire locker room. “She is in a tough fight. Her spirit and happiness at this moment is inspiring. She is someone I pray for every single day.”

* Sweeney says WR Antonio Williams He is a very professional and very technical player. Sweeney said he can’t wait to see Williams in practice and work with him.

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