Sixers announces pre-season schedule for 2022, which includes a meeting with Ben Simmons

The Sixers finally announced their pre-season schedule on Friday afternoon, so start preparing your hot shots and show placement when they have their first big moment at a no-nonsense game in October.

This is what the board looks like.

Monday October 3 @ Brooklyn Nets, 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, October 5th vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, 7 p.m.

Monday October 10 @ Cleveland Cavaliers, 7 p.m.

Wednesday, October 12th vs Charlotte Hornets, 7pm.

A notable match on the calendar, at least in theory, is the meeting with Ben Simmons and the Brooklyn Nets on October 3. Anyone would surely guess what the Nets would look like at that point, but if things remain stagnant on the trade front in training camp, this could be the first time Simmons has worn the uniform in a game with his former team.

This comes with several huge caveats, the first being that we don’t know if it anyone What matters is when and when. The Sixers were selective with Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris appearing in pre-season last year, leaving Therese Maxi to do some heavy lifting in shortened groups. With a year on Maxi and more importantly their plans, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Philadelphia protect most of its important players during the show’s season, starting with superstars and moving up to veterans like PJ Tucker.

The same logic applies to Brooklyn, obviously, and with Simmons coming off a long run out of real basketball, getting him in a game against the Sixers and tearing up Band-Aid in pre-season seems like the perfect scenario. But don’t ask me to predict what might happen with Simmons, because that’s been a futile exercise for so long now.

(All of this assumes, obviously, Simmons stays with Brooklyn. If Kevin Durant’s deal goes down, Grids can’t trade another player on Max’s rookie stretch as long as Simmons is on the roster. Durant’s trade front has been quiet, so it’s a back-end issue in current time, but it’s something to at least watch.)

Teams in all sports have pushed home how little they value pre-season in recent years, most notably in football, where some key players barely play or sit outside celebrations entirely to protect their bodies for the real games. You might assume the Sixers will be as cautious as most teams, although I’d be interested to know if they try to speed up Chemistry building before the real games start. They managed to get important actors to close out last season, and there is continuity between the Harden and the former Rockets youth, but every little bit adds up. The competition for the top of the Eastern Conference should be strong again this season, and getting off the ground quickly will be crucial to competing for one of the top seeders in the East.

Outside of a Brooklyn game, you’ll see the Sixers against some teams with young and exciting talent, although admittedly it won’t do much to test Philadelphia’s roster building. Two dates against the Cavs heavyweights won’t do much to prove whether Tucker and Harris are a viable front group – one of the main concerns of many fans heading into the season – and the Hornets are still in limbo (contract and otherwise) with Miles Bridges, who He faces three criminal charges of domestic violence stemming from this summer’s arrest. I don’t expect a lot of regulars to play big minutes or maybe at all at the end of the pre-season, so get ready for a big group of Jaden Springer and Charles Bassey.

Televised basketball, if you can believe it, is only two months away. Keep yourselves in pre-season football (yuck) and regular baseball season in the meantime.

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