Shen Limieu looks like ‘Hardness’ Rich Siubert

Idea: Reach out to Rich Siubert to ask if he’s familiar with Shane Limieux, who is currently lined up as the left-hander for the Giants.

Seubert was the left-handed starting guard on the 2007 Super Bowl, known for his toughness and enthusiasm for doing just about anything on the field. It seems as if Lemieux has some of these same qualities.

So, the call goes out, Seubert responds and is told that there is something about this young attacker that reminds this internal observer of him.

The reaction is immediate.

“Has he started a practical fight yet?” Siober asks.

Well, as a matter of fact, yes. Lemieux was the instigator of the first training camp brawl this summermixing it up on the fourth day with defensive linemen Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams.

“Look, there you are,” said Seubert approvingly.

Bickering with his mates amid the camp heat was Seubert’s specialty. He dropped out of a small school in western Illinois, but he’s never held back from anyone, whether it’s Keith Hamilton — nicknamed “Hammer” for a reason — or the late artist Michael Strahan.

Despite this, the Fisticuffs did not keep Seubert with the Giants for 10 years. He started every game in 2002, his second season, but a horrific injury disfigured his right leg. That nearly ended his career, forcing him to miss the entire 2004 season and relegating him to four games as a reserve in 2005. Seubert never stopped moving forward and reclaimed his primary job with the 2007 championship team. In 2010, he started every game in center and was fired by the manager. The previous year, Jerry Reese was named the best player on the team. In his last game that season, he sustained another serious injury – a dislocated right knee and a ruptured patellar tendon – and did not play another game.

Shane Limieux participates in training at the Giants Training Camp.
Shane Limieux participates in training at the Giants Training Camp.
Cory Sibkin for NY POST
Rich Siubert
Rich Siubert was famous for his strength with the Giants.
Joseph E. Amatoro

“That’s the first thing I heard when I came here, it was the epitome of toughness,” Lemieux told The Post, referring to Seubert. “And if you see it in me, it is a great honor for me, for he is a stubborn man, from all I have heard.”

The two talked and wrote text messages, but not much. Unlike Seubert, Lemieux was drafted, entering the fifth round in 2020 from Oregon. The coaching staff led by Joe Judge became fascinated with Lemieux as a running blocker and started nine matches as a rookie. Sometimes he was actually the sanctioned in the ground game, but his passes were rough around the edges.

Like Seubert, Lemieux faced adversity early in his career. He started his 2021 season opener despite dealing with discomfort in his left knee. He realized he couldn’t go on and spent the rest of his second year in casualty reserve after surgery to repair the patellar tendon.

The new front desk used a third-round selection in 2022 for goalkeeper Josh Izudo out of North Carolina, but so far Lemieux has mostly lined up with the first team. Dealing with Lawrence and camp star Williams was a challenge that didn’t go well at times. As Jon Feliciano lost time dealing with heat-related issues, Lemieux also took Novice reps at the center – another looming similarity to Seubert.

“I think every coach I’ve been with has told me the quarterback is probably going to be in the future,” Lemieux said. “They say I have a lot of good attributes for the position. Tact is the name of the game. Look at [former Giants offensive lineman] David Diehl, he was playing everywhere except the middle. Richie played both. ”

Shen Limiu, 66, was taken down after sparking a brawl at the Giants training camp.
Shen Limiu, 66, was taken down after sparking a brawl at the Giants training camp.
Noah K. Murray New York Post

Lemieux, 25, may be part of the construction offensive line. There are the little finishers, Andrew Thomas and Evan Neal. Mark Glowinsky, 30, signed up to start on the right guard. Feliciano, 30, has only a one-year deal. If it develops and stays healthy, a Lemieux can be a staple in a guard or center.

“Since I went to Oregon, I’ve been three stars and two stars [recruit]Lemio said. “I never really thought of that in my mind ‘Hey, I made it, I’m the initiator, I have no qualms. Everyone always says ‘Be confident’ but you always look back. I feel everything I had in my career, I had to fight for. That’s just kind of my DNA.

Brian Dabol, the first-year coach and former offensive coordinator at Buffalo, said the Bills loved Lemieux’s exit from the draft two years ago and praises him for playing “a bad edge”.

Rich Siubert, left, celebrates with Eli Manning during the 2007 Super Bowl.
Rich Siubert, left, celebrates with Eli Manning during the 2007 Super Bowl.
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Seubert, now 43 and the head football coach at Watchung Hills Regional High School in Warren, New Jersey, may have tattooed his arms with a “bad edge.”

“If he reminds you of me he must have had some squabbling in his ass, right?” said Siober. “He may not be the best athlete on the field but he has the guts to make up for it. When you watch him play he loves to chase after him. He has a bit of that good anger.”

The Good Fury kept Seubert in the blue for a decade. Lemieux is fighting for his shot.