No Way, Jose: Dazzling Quintana at Cardinals Debut, Carries St. Louis to Sweep Series

Jose Quintana, ladies and gentlemen.

The newest members of the Cardinals in the rotation have been impressive over six innings, making only one stroke in one stroke over six innings while making seven rounds. Cubs In a big win Thursday night.

Quintana has only completed six rounds five times this season in his 20 engagements, but did so on Thursday night with space (86 shots). Pair that with Homer’s three-stroke Tyler O’Neill in the seventh, and the Cardinals find themselves winning their fourth game in a row.

With the win, the Cardinals went on to tie with Milwaukee for the number one spot at NL Central. It was fun, and here’s how it happened:

first half

In his first appearance with the Cardinals, Jose Quintana got both Christopher Morell and Wilson Contreras to shoot softballs at him once or twice. But he misjudged Patrick Wisdom, and the Cubs’ third baseman hit 422 tanks at Freeze Law in midfield to make it 1-0 to the Cubs in the first. Homer was Wisdom’s 20th – the second season for Homer 20 in a row. Quintana hits Suzuki to end the run and keep the damage in one round.

Carlson drove to the Cardinals and hit the swing against Sean Newcomb. Tommy Adman – who did not start the first game with a double header – was influenced by second base. Paul Goldschmidt picked the left with two knockouts for the Cardinals for the first time of the night, followed by Nolan Arenado with a stunning high-rise house in Big Macland to put the Cardinals back, 2-1. Homer Nolan was the 21st of the season, and he cut 428 feet. Albert Pujols emerged to first baseman Frank Schwendel to finish the first half.

Second half

Quintana worked in the second half without goals in 11 stadiums. Nico Horner beat Albert Pujols, who flipped to Quintana at first to get out. Nelson Velasquez traveled to Lars Notbar on the right field. Frank Schwendel swings a curve ball at the knees.

Tyler O’Neill led the Cardinals’ second half and hit the ball deep into the right court, but Suzuki managed to grab the warning track. Paul DeJong followed it up with a double from the left field wall, giving Yadier Molina a chance with a runner in the scoring position. Molina slipped to Madrigal at second base, with DeJong advancing to third. Nootbaar flew to Morel in the middle of the field to finish the run, stranded DeJong.

third round

Quintana hit all three cubs he saw at the top of the third. P.J. Higgins, Madrigal, and Morel all went into strikes.

Carlson was grounded to first base for exit number one. Edman arrived on one plot – high helicopter for a short layover. Goldschmidt followed this up with a base kick to center field, moving Edman into second. But Arenado got into an unlucky 1-4-3 double to end the game, with the ball deflected off Newcombe’s glove straight to second-place Madrigal, who stomped on the bag and shot at the start to end the inning.

Newcomb end line: 3 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 1 K (56°)

Fourth round

Contreras drove the top of the fourth and came out to Dejong at the shortstop. Wisdom swung the first pitch he saw and flew to Nootbaar in the right field, followed by Suzuki hitting the ball to the exact same spot to Nootbaar again. After Widsom’s first cubs, Quintana selected 10 cubs in a row during the fourth inning.

Right-handed Mark Leiter Jr. captured the pile in the third inning, with Newcomb not extended beyond 3-4 innings yet.

Pujols sprinted to wisdom on third base. O’Neill had changes that moved away from Leiter, and DeJong plotted an eight-pitch walk to set up Molina with two riders. On the second court he saw, Yadi went into a 5-4-3 double to finish the game. It was these back-to-back innings that the Cardinals had two contestants with one and came out in a final double game.

5th round

Horner hit the swing first of the fifth inning, then Velasquez walked from seven pitches to break Quintana’s 11-man back-to-back streak retired. Moments later, Schwendel entered a 6-4-3 double final match initiated by DeJong at Shortstop.

Nootbaar hit first at the bottom of the fifth. Carlson painted a solo walk. Edmann flew to Velazquez in left field to finish second. With two touchdowns, Goldschmidt reached a throwing foul by Hoerner. Arenado plotted walking to extend the stroke and load the bases for Albert Pujols. Pujols rips a first-pitch curve ball to third base, and Wisdom manages to snag it and step onto the bag for an outward force to finish the inning.

For those keeping the track at home, there are seven riders left at the base during rounds three through five.

The Cardinals led 2-1 in sixth.

Sixth round

Higgins flew to O’Neill in left field ahead of the sixth inning, but Madrigal made a one-off run as a potential hookup. But Morell started swinging and stopped Contreras on the shortstop to finish the inning. It was only the sixth time in 21 games this season that Quintana completed six runs.

Quintana Final Line: 6 IP, 1 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 7 K’s (86 pitches)

Right-handed Michael Rucker became the third pitcher of the Cubs of the evening in the sixth inning after two breaks from a liter.

O’Neal drove the bottom 6th and tore a 105-mph ball into the hole on the left side. Horner ranged to his right, slipped, grabbed the racket, and fired a two-hopper guard to first base to catch O’Neal with a stride.

DeJong drew one round – his second in the game. Molina moved to the left, leading DeJong to second base. But Nootbaar flew to the left and Carlson slipped to Madrigal at second base to cut the way for the sprinters and stayed just one leg up to seventh.

Seventh round

Jordan Hicks entered the game in game seven, his 20 this season. Hicks distributed an introductory walk to wisdom. Suzuki walked behind to put the runners in first and second with no one getting out. Horner then hit a soft ground ball to DeJong, who was able to flip to second base to bring out the power but that was it.

With the runners in first and second, Hoerner ran for second base and stole it in a bang-bang, giving Velazquez two runners in the scoring position, marking a tie And the Luminous runs. Entering the field, Velazquez ripped a ball off Hicks’ bare hand, which then bounced back to DeJong a short distance away. He scored a tie, Velasquez arrived first in a singles match, and Horner remained in second place.

With the starting signal at second base, Schwendel fired a shot to Arenado at third base, who ran to mark Horner advancing to third base before shooting to start at the end of the inning, 5-3 double play. Nolan may have missed the mark, but Hoerner was called off the baseline regardless, and St. Louis worked his way out of the chaos by giving up just one round.

Right-handed Kervin Castro captured the mound for Chicago in the seventh inning—the game’s fourth bowler. Edman welcomed Castro with a single streak to the right field. With Goldschmidt hitting, Edman stole second base—his #22 steal of the season. With an open base, the Cubs refused to give Goldschmidt anything to hit him, and walked with him. It was the right move, as Arenado rose to the bat and fell back into the 6-4-3 double play that Horner started at short notice. This wiped out Goldschmidt and Arenado, leaving Edman only at third base with two teams.

Marmol hit Nolan Gorman for the Pujols with two hitters and drew a gait, extending the stroke to O’Neill. Our senior Canadian dropped 1-2 behind, then quietly fired a hanging cracker ball from Castro 390 feet into the Bulls’ center for the Cubs to give St. Louis a 5-2 lead in seventh. DeJong hit to finish the seventh inning, but O’Neill Ding gave the Cardinals breathing room they hadn’t had all evening.

Eighth round

Genesis Cabrera replaced Hicks in eighth and scored a goalless run on nine courts. Higgins quietly returned to Cabrera, Madrigal flew into Nootbaar in the right, and Morel returned to Cabrera.

Matt Dermody left – the 27th man for his double header on Thursday – captured the pile at the bottom of the Cubs’ eighth position. He hit Molina over three pitches, but Nootbaar worked on the whole count and then made a solo career. Carlson picked a center field behind him, but caught Muriel dozing and stretched into a double hustle—moving Nootbaar to third.

Edman doubled–his 18th number of the season–from the left field wall, scoring both players and giving the Cardinal a 7-2 lead in the eighth inning.

Goldschmidt hit a stepping motor to field position and Muriel stole the dive, forcing Edman back to second. The Cubs deliberately walked the Arenado with two teams to bring in Brendan Donovan, who entered the match as a defensive substitute in the top half of the half after Pujols was hit with a pinch. Donovan tore a streak to the right side, but Madrigal jumped a 5-foot-8 high that allowed him to cut it, providing another run of scoring and ending the game.

ninth round

Newly acquired right-handed Marmol called Chris Stratton to finish the match. Stratton walked to Contreras and wised, but hit the Suzuki and then pushed Horner into a 4-6-3 double at the end of the game to seal the St. Louis sweeping streak.

Final: Cardinal 7, Cubs 2

next one:

The Cardinals (57-48) welcome Matt Carpenter and Harrison Bader (who will not play), and New York Yankees (70-36) to town for the first time since May 2014. The Yankees currently hold an 11-game lead in the AL East, while the Cardinal is linked with Milwaukee Brewers On top of NL Central.

All-Star Nestor Curtis (9-3, 2.53 ERA) will deliver for the Bronx Fighters. He would be opposed by Dakota Hudson (6-6, 4.10 ERA), who entered the fifth game during his final start against the Nationals, but was ineffective, throwing 83 throws over the course of 4.1 innings.

The first pitch is set at 7:15 p.m.