Mike McDaniel talks about Dolphins penalties, common practices, and more

Before the start of his team’s training Friday, Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel met with the media in South Florida.

In what became a show within a show, McDaniel Press was entertaining, informative, educational, and at times hilarious. This young coach’s personality shines through in his interviews with the media, the last of which is no different.

Early in the questions, pre-season management worked out how the young coach would handle upcoming opponents and avoid injury.

“I think it’s a difficult balance; an inaccurate science that you try to deal with on a case-by-case basis and what the team needs, knowing that every time you play football, there’s always a risk in that,” he said. “There are inherent risks, but there is also, pre-season is a valuable time to hone your skills and have 11 people work together for the regular season. So realistically, I’m not trying to be short.”

The Dolphins will have joint practice with the Tampa Buccaneers next week, leading up to their pre-season game against the Super Bowl 2020 champions. McDaniel explained how he’s not making much progress in the preparation process.

“We have three practices before we head to Tampa and train against them, and I try not to get ahead of myself and say, ‘Okay, this guy, first of all, he’s cleared as a start. Second, how many are they going to play.'”

McDaniel described his process in an almost zen-like fashion, saying, “I think it’s important to wait until you get there before you really decide how long each individual player is going to play because there are going to be rookies who end up playing in pre-season.” (Week 1. “

The inevitable follow-up question for anything Tampa Bay-related came quickly after, with McDaniel being asked how the recent NFL ruling and allegations against owner Stephen Ross affected the team or those involved in the field.

“You said a key thing in that statement as I’m not sure if it includes people on the field, so the most important thing as head coach is that that’s your entire focus,” he said.

McDaniel continued to stay on brand and essentially retargeted the question in his existential way, saying, “So you can say a lot by saying a lot or not saying anything at all. We have an amazing challenge ahead of us like the 2022 Dolphins. I think the players owe it a full and complete focus on that.” So I think there’s strength in not giving the legs to something that doesn’t really affect the 2022 players who really deserve the full and undivided attention.”

Turning to questions regarding live player availability, McDaniel was asked if there was any concern about veteran cornerback Byron Jones and his status leading up to the regular season.

he said no”. Anxiety as it continues to progress. At the moment this is not a concern for us, but it takes a complete commitment every day for this to happen, so now we are confident in how to rehabilitate him. If there was a relapse, we would be worried, but until then, we feel good about it.”

By staying in high school, McDaniel had a chance to talk about it Safety of the second year, Jevon Holland. One reporter noted that McDaniel was noticing a lot of time talking to his young, rising star.

“It was really cool watching Tua (Taguveloa) compete,” he said. “And that’s a strange thing to say, as in terms of safety versus quarterback, but he’s playing all over the place, and he’s moving defense off the call from the sidelines and he’s a student. I think the Tua respect that, and they have a kind of nice competitive bond.”

The Netherlands has demonstrated leadership skills and appears to have become the central midfielder in the defensive unit.

McDaniel went on to talk about Dutch football IQ, saying, “He talks about how smart football is, how he does – the things he does on the football field are very exciting for the Miami Dolphins going forward. He is an athlete and has a lot of skills, but no None of that matters if he doesn’t have the football mind and the commitment to football as he does.”

On the offensive side of the ball, Font Michael Dieter was unavailableMcDaniel had the opportunity to provide clarity.

“He feels better. We try to be realistic and not be greedy, so expect him sooner rather than later.” McDaniel said before getting more specific. “It’s not sometime this week. We take it day in and day out on purpose, but we also try to fight it because it’s competitive where everyone goes out.”

Expanding on the center position that Dieter could re-enter when he returns to play, players like Conor Williams, Adam Banke and Cole Banwart have been handling picks in the early rounds of training camp.

“We have bullets everywhere, so we — ordeal is opportunity,” McDaniel said of his other options. “There were some great shots of other players because of him [Deiter’s] infection.

“I really challenge the players to take advantage of opportunities and take these practices to their advantage. There is never so much versatility that offensive underwear men can have, which is why we are so comfortable being practical.”

The Dolphins spend a weekend of fan-attended training before heading off to a week of prepping for Tampa Bay.