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The Mets opened their five-game series against the Braves at Citifield with an emphatic victory, as they took an early 5-0 lead and eventually won 6-4. Edwin Diaz has scored a save six times, and no matter what happens during the rest of the four games in the series, the Mets will wake up Monday morning for the top spot in the Eastern National League.

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When Diaz entered the game, his entry song wasn’t working as usual, but he was in his head He makes his way from the bulls.

Tyler Naquin, who joined the Mets shortly before the trade deadline, hit two home runs on his Citi Field debut as a Met and found it unsurprisingly very fun.

The Mets held a minute’s silence for the legendary Finn Scully. plays his call From the famous Mookie Wilson/Bill Buckner moment in Game 6 of the 1986 World Championships.

Although he didn’t play a big role in the game and didn’t have the best defensive game, it’s worth noting that James McCann returned to the Mets, having been Activated from the list of injured For the opening of the series.

Speaking of the catcher, Billy Ebler appeared on WFAN, and when asked about the possibility of calling a major client Francisco Alvarez, the general manager said that Does not happen In the near future”.

Brandon Nemo Is “The Mets” 2022 Heart and Hustle Award The winner and one of thirty nominees for the overall prize to be announced in November.

The main reason for the Mets’ success this year – and their chances of sustaining it – was the burgeoning Francisco Lindor, Written by David Lennon.

Dominic Smith started his rehab job with Triple-A Syracuse last night and He went 0 for 1 with a pair of walking.

If strength ratings are your thing, then rankings Yesterday the Mets was fifth.

Mets signed jar of st john As an unformulated free agent.

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After picking Robinson Kano just before his previous series against the Mets, the Braves recently hired the veteran player for the job. Yesterday they kicked him out, and Elect Kano Free Agency.

Noah Syndergaard officially joined the Velez yesterday, and one of the moves they made was to make room for their new additions. Didi Gregorios released. Syndergaard started in Philadelphia, and while he wasn’t very good, his teammates scored enough kicks for Philadelphia to even Winning the rain shortening game against citizens.

About Major League Baseball

Angels Never got close To trade Shohei Otani, though his name had been covered in the days leading up to the deadline.

If you are interested in the details of the Yankees attempt to trade for Marlins starter Pablo Lopez, John Heyman has you covered.

The Mets is fan favorite Wilmer Flores He was the winner of the giants From the Heart and Hustle Award.

It’s been more than a decade since the last perfect Major League Baseball game, and it’s an extension that inspired part of it Such incidents are rare From Tyler Kepner.

Miguel Cabrera, now 39, says: I don’t feel good There will be some discussions about his status for 2023.

Diamondbacks Sad about the loss Nicole Hazen, wife of General Manager Mike Hazen, has cancer.

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Episode 136 of their own pod Dropped yesterday, Vas Drimalitis Previewed the five major Mets game series against the brave.

This date is in Mets history

On this date in 1973the Mets dropped to 12 games under 0.500 and 11-and-a-half games again in the Eastern National League, but they went on to win the division and the National League flag that year before dropping to the top spot in seven games in the World Championship.