Lynx maintains playoff shooting, halts desperate run to win over Atlanta

With less than six minutes of play in the fourth quarter on Thursday in Atlanta, Dream guard Tiffany Hayes had two good screens, opened, got a pass from Aari McDonald, and hit a 23-foot 3-pointer just in front of the Lynx. Bench.

Lynx’s 20-point lead to start the last quarter fell to seven. Hayes was on fire. But then she made a mistake.

Hayes’ defender Aerial Powers said, “She kind of stared at me. I was like, ‘Wait.'” Who does she think she is?’ It kind of exploded. ”

Lynx (11-19) beat Dream (12-17) 92-85, breaking a three-game losing streak as he started a three-game road trip the right way for a team still hoping to make the playoffs. lynx Penultimate in the 12-team leagueThere are still two games away from the final pitch with six games remaining.

They did so despite being the sixth team in league history to allow the opponent to score 40 points in a quarter, which Dream – in the bonus in the final seven minutes of the game – did in the fourth.

All because Hayes—who scored 18 of her 24 points for fourth—tried to stare at Powers, and Powers responded.

Moments later, the lead was reduced to six thanks to Hayes’ free throw, and Sylvia Fowles made a fine selection, giving Powers an 18-foot open. After the Atlanta failure, Fowles fed the Powers with a triple pointer. After missing another dream, Fowles chose the last Power setting to jump.

Just like this, seven points in a row, leading to 13 points, the crisis was averted.

Well, finally.

Lynx’s offense, faced with a desperate defense of the Dream Zone, faltered, making this win that should be a little trickier than it should have been.

Coach Cheryl Reeve said: “I would like to finish the game better, but we played well. We defended [well]. That’s why we were so disappointed with our mistake, because we did a great job on the half-court offense.”

Still, this is a strange game. Atlanta scored 45 points in the first 30 minutes, and 40 points in the Final 10. A combination of most reserves got Lynx into foul trouble early in the fourth inning, and Dream, who eventually played on the downhill, scored 18 of 40 points in the Fourth quadrant of the line.

However, Lynx has kept Atlanta at 38.6%, moving them to 141-6 since 2011 when it had a team under 40%. On the other end, Lynx shot 55.6%, playing efficiently through most of the first three quarters before transitions became an issue.

Powers scored 25 points in a 10-for-16 shooting. Fowles had a game of 12 points and 14 rebounds. Kayla McBride scored 11 points and Moriah Jefferson scored 14 points and seven assists. But she also had eight turnovers, which is why Lindsay Allen—she signed a second seven-day contract before the game—was on the field.

Ryan Howard had 18 for Atlanta, and Cheyenne Parker had 16.

Reeve stressed that ocean players should not reject open shots. There was a nice balance between feeding Fowles and taking those Thursday shots. Powers, McBride and Jefferson were a combined 19 to 31. Bridget Carlton hit thirty and scored eight points from the bench.

But, with all that, things got a little late. “Atlanta went to the area and they blew us off a little bit,” Fowles said. “We were turning the ball around.”

The powers-that-be were there to stem the tide, though, scoring nine points in the last 5:15 of the match. It should also be noted that Hayes did not score during the last 5:35 of the game, fouling in the 2:35 minute. After that Bowers said she understood what Hayes was doing. Both are competitors. But this stare?

She said, “I kind of felt a way. That look made me freak out.”

  • Reeve, who will lead the US women’s team at the 2022 FIBA ​​Women’s World Cup in Sydney, Australia, in September, has added Mike Tybolt (Washington Mystics), Kara Lawson (Duke University) and Johnny Taylor (Texas A&M) to her coaching staff. . .

The Star Tribune did not travel for this game. This article was written using TV broadcasts and post-match video interviews.