Larson and four previous Friday winners

Knoxville, Iowa – Knoxville Nationals winner Kyle Larson and four drivers won the 360 ​​Knoxville Nationals Friday in the 32nd 360 Knoxville Nationals night qualifier presented by Great Southern Bank at Knoxville Raceway.

Larson is set to drive the familiar Paul Silva number 57 hoping to earn up to $30,000 from a bag that pays $15,000 to win, plus $500 for every lap he drives.

Larson earned $176,000 when he won the 60th place last year of the NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals. He also won the NASCAR Cup Series Championship last season.

Larson’s challenge for the Best Awards Friday night will be former 360 Nationals winner Clint Garner, Wayne Johnson, Brian Brown and Terry McCarl, who won multiple 360 ​​features on the half-mile course this year and has conquered the 360 ​​Nationals five times, most recently in 2018.

Fifteen-year-old Ryan Thames, the recurring winner of this season’s winged and dwarf racing competition, will be among the main contenders on Friday night, along with USA dwarf champion Buddy Kovoid and All-Star car racing champion Tyler. Courtney.

Contestants include USA sprint champion Brady Bacon, former World of Outlaws champion Darren Bateman, Linton Jeffrey, Davy Heskin, Tim Crowley, Justin Sanders, Dylan Westbrook, Blake Hahn and Ian Madsen.

360 Knoxville Citizens Entry List


1cc Clayton Christianson Spencer, Iowa

1a John Anderson Des Moines, Iowa

2k Linton Jeffrey Sydney, Australia

1x Tim Crowley Benton, Ark.

2c Wayne Johnson Tuttle, Okla.

2d Dylan Obdal-Madison, SD

2jr Kelly Miller Qualdale, Alberta

2m Davy Heskin St Michael, Minnesota.

3M Michael Pinnell Rapid City, SD

4 Cam Martin Ankeny, Iowa

4d Charles Davis Jr. Buckeye, Arizona.

4S Adam Speakman Elder, SD

4w Jimmy Paul Knoxville, Iowa

5 m Colin Mull Knoxville, Iowa

5t Ryan Thames Wetland, Oklahoma.

6 Kilby Watt Adel, Iowa

6J Jet Carney Idalo, Texas

7 Tyler Lee Cedar Rapids, Iowa

7B Ben Brown Marshall, Mo.

7bc Tyler Courtney Indianapolis, Indiana.

7taz Tasker Philips Pleasantville, Iowa

8h Jacob Hughes Hartford, SD

8 m Kid Morton Quetta, Okla.

9MB JJ Beaver Knoxville, Iowa

10 Landon Brett Memphis, Tenn.

11 n Harley White Lindsey, Okla.

11x Michael Kovoid Bengrove, California

14t Brooke Tatnell Sans Souci, Australia

15 Bobby Mincer Burlington, Iowa

16a Colby Copeland Rocklin, Calif.

17 B Ryan Beckett Ramona, SD

21 Brian Brown Green Valley, Mo.

21g Gunner Rami Sedalia, MO.

21h Brady Bacon Winchester, Indiana.

22k Caleb Johnson Sioux Falls, SD

24 Terry McCarlell Altoona, Iowa

24t Christopher Thram Sanborn, Minnesota.

27 Carson McCarl Altoona, Iowa

27b Jake Boback Arvada, Colorado.

27h Darren Bateman Owasso, Okla.

28 Luke Ferrardi Taylorville, Illinois.

33 Alan Salty Knoxville, Iowa

39 Justin Sanders Aromas, California.

40 Clint Garner Sioux Falls, SD

41 Chase Moran Fultonville, New York

47x Dylan Westbrook Scotland, Ontario

49x Cal Thomas Fairland, Indiana

50 Zach Chappelle Talala, Okla.

52 Blake Hahn; Sabulpa, Okla.

57 Kyle Larson Elk Grove, California.

64 Ian Madsen St Marys, Australia

83 Austin Miller Lacona, Iowa

83jr Sam Henderson Sioux Falls, SD

83t Tanner Carrick Lincoln, California.

84- Scott Bogock McLaren Vale, Australia

99 Tony Rost Omaha, Neb.

199 Ryan Powers; Southen, Minnesota.