Kemba Walker is still with the Detroit Pistons but it might be time to get to Phoenix

Although a purchase was reported in June, Kemba Walker is still a member of Detroit Pistons. The latest rumor is that the four-time winner of the All-Star is heading to the Valley of the Sun.

The Pistons roster has become a bit crowded, in part because of the guard Kimba Walker He’s still officially part of the team.

No decision should be made immediately, as NBA teams are allowed to have up to 20 players on their roster until the first day of the regular season. But in the end, some pruning has to be done.

The most perplexing player on the team is Walker, a 6-foot-1 guard. It was reported back on June 23 that, after being part of a trade between the Detroit and New York Knicks, he was to be bought.

Walker is 32 and has a history of knee problems, and Detroit already lines up Rodney McGruder in the “veteran keeper who rarely plays” position. In a second deal, the Knicks sent $6 million to Detroit, likely to help pay for Walker’s purchase.

But now it’s August, and Walker is still on the Pistons payroll. why? It has to be a cause, but only General Manager Troy Weaver and Walker’s representatives know it. With no outcry from Walker or his agent, they should be OK with why Detroit is sticking with it.

There were rumors that Walker might return to Charlotte, the scene of his glory days, to serve as a backup for the LaMelo Ball. So far, nothing else has come of her.

The latest team that might be looking to get a Walker, and only pay the Warriors’ minimum wage if purchased, is the Phoenix Suns.

Eastern Conference team executive, speaking anonymously Sean Daveney from Heavy.comHe thinks Walker might end up in the Valley of the Sun.

“There has been talk of him going to Charlotte, and that would be a good story for a team that might need one with (Miles) Bridges,” the CEO said. “But if he wanted to play for a competitor, he’d probably be better off looking at Phoenix.

They need another guard, they need deep behind Paul. Give him a no-guaranteed deal and see how it goes, you can still make a change in January.”

The Suns had the best record in the NBA last year, but took a big time in the playoffs, being flattened at home by the inexperienced Dallas Mavericks in the Western Semifinals. Chris Paul is now 37, so a strong reserve guard will be a must, if the Suns are to make another tour of the tournament.

The secret to why Walker stays with the Pistons may be so simple, there’s no need to make it official until he has a place to go. He might feel awkward to take a buy deal and then become stuck in limbo with no team to jump into.

This is at least one theory. Nobody thinks Walker will play for the Pistons this season, so his staying on the roster is a bit of a mystery. Time will tell.