Hashem Rahman Jr loses weight in Jake Paul weight match

Hasim Rahman Jr. He wasn’t required to step on the scale on Friday, but he did anyway to prove a point – although the point he made can be debated.

On Friday in New York, Rahman Jr. stepped on the scales at an unofficial weight arranged by himself. It was approximately the date and time when he officially weighed in on the first leg. Jake Paul It has not been canceled.

In front of his team and some reporters, Rahman Jr. weighed 206.6 lbs, what would have been lost for a 205 lb match (via mirror fight).

Shortly after news of Rahman Jr.’s phantom error surfaced, Paul responded to it Twitter.

Paul wrote: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, Christmas Beach.”

Soon, Rehman Jr. tweeted that in his contractual agreement with Paul, there was a clause for a 25 percent fine for every pound missed that would have come into effect. Again, Paul was accused of evading him.

206.6. “Exposure,” Rahman wrote. “The 25% fines were a clause of the contract for a reason. Stay tuned for more exposure in a few… No one in boxing history has ever pulled out of a fight before a week with weight issues. I tried to tell you all, ‘He’s a runner he’s a star in right track.”

The two sides offered different views on the ultimate rationale behind it cancel match Since the news was published on Saturday. A press release from Paul’s top promotions noted that Rahman Jr. has consistently moved goal posts when it comes to contracted weight, with the promotion shifting from the 200-pound mark to 205-pound to accommodate him. That’s while Abdul Rahman the promotion or the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) has shown no progress in shedding the weights.

Rahman Jr. responded shortly afterwards and said Paul was afraid to face a real boxer. He noted that there’s a chance he could have gained weight anyway, but if that wasn’t the case, one of his training partners would have stepped in. He refused to upgrade the alternatives, according to Rahman Jr.

UFC President Dana White’s theory Saturday after UFC 270 in Dallas, the match was canceled due to poor ticket sales. However, in a recent statement to Fighting MMAThis was not the case, Madison Square Garden noted.