General Manager James Click Trades, Dusty Baker and the World Series

Trey Mancini is one hour away from blasting his first home run as Astro at Crawford Boxes inside Minute Maid Park.

Cristian Vazquez will soon be steering Jose Orchidi through five unexpected runs on his way to another home win that brings the leaders of the American Western League closer to the Yankees.

Seattle, Minnesota, and New York have all taken important steps during the frenetic trade deadline. San Diego reversed a super team in the NBA by adding young basketball player Juan Soto in a blockbuster. The Astros of James Click kept keeping pace with the best player in Major League Baseball again Balance the needs of the present with the promise of the future. With three new players added to Dusty Baker’s 2022 roster and an afternoon game scheduled before a road trip to Cleveland, Click’s first answer is an admission in the form of a joke.

Maybe he can get some sleep now. Can.

Then the Astros General Manager returns for a third year to work with the best record in AL until October approaches each day.

“The hardest part of it for me is that we have to be different than we were two years ago, three years ago,” said Klick, sitting inside a booth that former general manager Jeff Luno used to watch regularly for Astros games, because if we just run the same program, we’ll have to Everyone has to catch up.” And so it gets stressful. You have to give up on the idea that we “solve baseball”. Baseball will never be solved. But we have to constantly get ahead not only of the other 29 teams but of ourselves.