Franmil Reyes is set for appointment in a series of Guardians roster moves

Franmil Reyes may be on his way out of Cleveland after the team Appointed for commissioning on Saturday afternoon. “Franmil Reyes, DFA’d” is one of those things that seemed like a possibility in his struggles this season, but it’s still surreal to see it actually happen.

From a purely roster standpoint, Reyes wanted the DFA to make room for 29-year-old Jake Jewell, who the Guardians signed to a minor league deal in the off-season. More so, though, that Reyes has been a DFA (and let’s be honest, it will probably claim somewhere soon) is the end of a strange chapter in Guardians baseball over the past two years.

Reyes got caught up in the 2019 trade deadline when the Padres decided to jump in the Yasiel Puig/Trevor Bauer trade between Cleveland and Cincinnati. The Guardians, surrendering only to Bauer, exited that deal with Reyes, Logan Allen, Victor Nova, Yasiel Puig and Scott Moss. Reyes, Allen, and Puig have all played for Cleveland at one point or another, but no one has been involved in trade with the organization after three years.

For two and a half years, Reyes made the trade look good for the Guardians. He put 0.275 / .344 / .450 slashes in the pandemic shortened 2020 season and smashed 30 rounds at home with .254 / .324 / .522 in 115 games last season. His Baseball Savant metrics have made success appear sustainable, perhaps even with room to grow. Sure, he was breathing a lot, but he was still in a strong connection when he made the call. His 32% strike rate last year seemed practical with a 9.2% walking rate and a home run every four games.

This year, however, his attacking gap was completely blown out when he crushed .213/.254/.350 in nine home runs in 44 games. Between injuries, minor league assignments, and just trying to figure things out, his strength left him and he was hitting more. What was once a blemish on a shiny apple was suddenly the whole apple. Reese I couldn’t hit anything but fast ballsOpponent shooters knew it, and you didn’t need to be a baseball doctor to see that he had no idea what would happen every time.

Terry Pluto Recently wrote in the last month That the Guards may look to a Reyes deal before the August 2 trading deadline, citing their unwillingness to get in “better shape to play on the field”. At that time, Reyes was finally starting to appear again, so perhaps the trade would work. He might get a fresh start, the Guardians get a player back, and everyone can move on. Unfortunately, he hit the bottom again, and from July 10 through August 1 – what might be his last game as a goalkeeper – he went 13-64 with 19 attacks, two walks, and a lone run at home.

At 27 years old and still strong enough to hit 30+ hits at home, Reyes seems like the perfect candidate to go elsewhere and succeed in changing the landscape. But for now, it doesn’t look like he’s going to succeed in Cleveland.

In addition to Reyes being a DFA, the Guardians chose Hunter Gaddis, who was bombarded in his MLB debut against the Astros last night. Jewell replaced him on the 26-man roster, presumably to keep the fort at the bullseye until Aaron Seval can return from his injured roster. Cleveland also released first baseman Bobby Bradley, who immediately became a free agent.