Fact or Fiction: What to Believe from Early NFL Training Camp Storylines | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

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    NFL Training Camp is an exciting time for every team. Each has a blank slate and optimism that it will compete for the Super Bowl this season, but the advance hype often doesn’t come close to matching regular season results.

    That won’t change in 2022. There have been plenty of reports from training camps regarding players’ performance and other revelations, but some of that hype won’t translate into what we see on the pitch next month.

    With that in mind, let’s try to separate fact from fiction regarding some of the highlights of the boot camp.

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    The Seattle Seahawks replaced quarterback Russell Wilson early in the season. This has them looking for a new signal caller for the first time in a decade, which doesn’t seem to be going well yet.

    The Seahawks did not draft a newbie or bring any veterans into free agency. Instead, they let the current backup GNU Smith compete with Drew Lock, who the Denver Broncos included in Wilson’s trade.

    According to ESPN’s Brady HendersonLock and Smith both struggled during back-to-back training this week. Lock worked with the second series offense and couldn’t make it to the same page with top DK Metcalf, while Smith was responsible for Tuesday’s ugly interception. The Seattle defense benefited from the team’s offensive in each of those drills largely due to poor midfield play.

    Smith has a lifetime record of 13-21 and has had more interceptions (37) than touchdown passes (34) during his eight league seasons. The 31-year-old is unlikely to emerge as a competent starter at this point in his career.

    The 25-year-old Lock might have more upside, but he went 8-13 as a Denver rookie while only throwing 4,740 yards and 25 touchdowns for 20 interceptions. If he can’t beat Smith at the initial Seahawks job, that won’t bode well for his future in the NFL.

    With Jimmy Garoppolo having the only viable option in the commercial bloc and no quality quarterback left in free agency, the Seahawks appear willing to accept their fate and take control of the 2022 campaign. It should result in a high draft pick for 2023, which they can spend on the franchised quarterback. next one.

    Fact: Both Jenno Smith and Drew Luke will be struggling this season.

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    The New England Patriots parted ways with longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels this off season when he accepted the head coaching position with the Las Vegas Raiders. McDaniels’ departure left a huge hole in New England’s coaching staff, which coach Bill Belichick surprisingly elected not to fill.

    The Patriots declined to name an official offensive or defensive coordinator this season. Belichick said the team isn’t “big with titles and all that,” according to NFL.com Kevin Batra.

    According to the NFL Network Mike GiardiIt looks like the Patriots will go ahead with Matt Patricia as the offensive caller in 2022. However, Belichick also spent time doing these tasks during 11v11 drills at training camp.

    Patricia returned to New England last year as a senior football advisor and offensive line coach after a failed three-year stint as head coach for the Detroit Lions. Prior to that, the 47-year-old had spent six years as the Patriots defensive coordinator, winning a pair of Super Bowls in the role.

    The Patriots also brought in Joe Judge to serve as their quarterback coach this year. He spent four seasons as their own teams coordinator between 2015 and 2018 and was the wide receivers coach in 2019 before a forgotten two-year stint as coach of the New York Giants.

    On a recent episode of ESPN’s take firstRyan Clark said New England is playing with fire by not naming at least an offensive coordinator for 2022.

    Although a little unorthodox, this isn’t the first time a team led by Belichick has refused to promote the coordinators. The team has had no official defensive coordinator since Patricia’s departure at the end of the 2017 campaign and did not appoint an offensive coordinator in 2005 or for two seasons following McDanie’s first departure to the Denver Broncos in 2009.

    The Patriots had no offensive or defensive coordinator in 2010, and they won 14 games during the regular season that year. However, the decision to go to a lower coordinator may have played a role in their loss in the Divisional Tour against rival New York Jets.

    If the Patriots struggle to advance in the playoffs for the second consecutive season, that decision could come back to haunt them.

    Fact: The Patriots will regret not naming offensive and defensive coordinators.

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    The Green Bay Packers have a huge void to fill after trading star Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders this off season. He led the team with 123 receptions for 1,553 yards and 11 touchdowns on 169 goals last year, while no other Packers player had more than 65 goals.

    It appears that Allen Lazard, the second-in-command, is ready to soak up some of those goals. According to Pro Football Talk’s Sharyn Williams.

    “Obviously Allen Lazard is going to take the first round and I think it would be a very smooth transition for him as a basic blocker and kind of a specialist guy for us, to have a chance to get more throws, take first in the lead often,” Rodgers said.

    While Lazard should easily top the 60 marching goals he saw last season, he could struggle to reach the three-figure figure with competition from fellow veterans Randall Cobb and Sammy Watkins as well as rookies Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs. in ESPN Rob Dimofsky He thinks backtracking from Aaron Jones is headed toward an increase in goals, too.

    Lazard may play a bigger role without Adams this year, but he wouldn’t be the go-to option for the Packers attack.

    Fiction: Allen Lazard won’t be Aaron Rodgers’ number one target in 2022.

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    The Baltimore Ravens missed the playoffs last year for the first time since they drafted Lamar Jackson in 2018. It seems that Jackson is excited not to miss a post-season opportunity, and has been showing off his reworked arm at training camp.

    According to the NFL Insider Dov KleimanJackson has spent his vacation improving his throwing mechanics and inflating his chassis — listed at 6’2″ and 212 pounds — to 220 pounds.

    On the surface, these changes seem to help. country crow Todd Karpovich He noted that Jackson played error-free football in the team’s first five training sessions and didn’t throw an interception at his first training camp until Tuesday.

    Unfortunately, he won’t have his high from last season to count on anymore after the Baltimore Marquis fired Brown during the draw. He will also miss a distinguished veteran of Sammy Watkins after the recipient signed with the Green Bay Packers this spring.

    With a future corps led by sophomore Rashid Bateman and lacking the proven passing gear behind him, Jackson wouldn’t have the right talent to truly develop as a thrower.

    Even if Jackson is playing his best, he still has to build a relationship with inexperienced people like Devin Duvernay and James Proche II. The presence of these raw players in the main roles can lead to mistakes and errors that will inevitably lead to transformations.

    Khayal: Lamar Jackson’s new mechanics won’t result in fewer twists in 2022.

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    The Philadelphia Eagles led the league in rush last year, averaging a whopping 159.7 yards per game on the ground. However, they do not have clear progress in returning to the 2022 campaign.

    Miles Sanders was a Philadelphia starter in 2021, but he has had injuries in each of the past two seasons. He limited himself to 12 games for the second consecutive campaign and finished his career low at 754 yards and not landing in 137 bags.

    Kenneth Gainwell, a fifth-round pick last season, was coming off a promising rookie year and could see an increased workload in 2022. Gainwell scored five points and 291 yards in just 68 loads in his first season and showed his value as a pass-catcher by gaining 253 yards and one time scoring in 33 receptions.

    She reported that Gainwell was recently seen working with the top champs during training camp, with Sanders coming in behind with the two. However, Eagles coach Nick Siriani said Sanders will remain the team’s full-back.

    “Miles is our guy,” Siriani said. “It just so happened to be the way numbers work, but Miles has been working with [No.] 1s as well. …there is no secret. Miles is our guy, and we like to turn our backs.”

    While Gainwell is a prime candidate to take on a bigger role if Sanders gets injured again, it looks like Sanders will enter the season as a starter for the Eagles.

    Fact: Miles Sanders will stay ahead in Philadelphia.