Eagles Bootcamp Training Notes: Jalen Hurts really likes to throw AJ Brown

witnessed the seventh day Philadelphia Eagles Training camp before the 2022 NFL season. This is what I noticed in the NovaCare aggregator. Note: Stay tuned for the BGN Radio Training Feed podcast episode which will be posted here as soon as it airs.


It was an up and down day for Hurts.

The Good: Despite the good coverage from Darius Slay, Hurts threw a really nice pass with AJ Brown’s zip and touchdown for a potential touchdown had the receiver not dropped it. Update: As I was writing this article, Brown tweeted (and then deleted) that Slay broke the pass. (So, if he’s right, maybe it wouldn’t be the best throw if Slay could get it?)

Subsequently, Hurts succeeded in hitting Brown by a step on a deeper sloping path. Showing more accuracy while throwing the middle, Hurts perfectly placed the ball to Dallas Goedert over the seam for big gains. Hurts led a red zone 11-on-11 series against the starting defense as offense landed him in the score. Hurts didn’t do anything too flashy during this stretch. He had good running power in QB but other than that, he checked what the defense gave him. The combination of error-free football and a strong running game allowed the Eagles to score with relative ease. It’s sequences like this that are probably underappreciated (myself included) because, again, it’s not like it flashes in a very cool way. But not every quarterback does this efficiently, so, let’s give credit where it’s due.

The Bad: Far from his good passes to Brown that were brought down, Hurts and offense struggled against the primary defense. His best plays mostly happened when newbies were facing backups. Hurts’ first pass of the day was for Brown on an out road but instead he went too far right and out of bounds. The pains drifted to the left in one rep as he could have made Miles Sanders open but would likely be fired instead…or at most gain two yards before the limits run out. Hurts was definitely sacked on another rep as he rolled to the left…but threw anyway…and the ball went out of bounds. One of Hurts’ flaws was a ball hit at the line of scrimmage. His short stature is not usually a problem in this regard but it may be a problem from time to time. There was a 7-on-7 representative where Hurts knocked out Quez Watkins and was picked up by Darius Slay, who had really good coverage on that route. There was another 7-on-7 rep as Hurts took off on a run, at least the fourth time he’s done so in camp. Again, it’s hard to see the QB’s running point that much during easy-to-scroll drills.

Zooming out a bit because we’re halfway through Eagles training camp (seven out of 14 trainings total, including those in Miami and Cleveland), there are no signs that Hurts is a very different player than last year. This does not mean that it was horrific in any way; There are some areas where he has made positive strides. We’ve talked about his progress when it comes to throwing the middle and getting the ball out faster in some plays. But there are still issues with accuracy and long-term holding on the ball. No one can argue that it was a solid attacking camp as a whole, and that certainly doesn’t reflect well on the starting midfielder.

Even stock.


Day 1: even stock

the second day: stock

Day 3: stock

the fourth day: even stock

Day 5: storage

the sixth day: stock

the seventh day: even stock

hot fantasy football Hint

Don’t be shy about grabbing a Hurts-Brown set for your team. No. 1 Likes Throw to No. 11. If training camp is any indication, Brown will easily lead the Eagles in goals this season.

Eagle injury report

did not exercise

Boston Scott (concussion), Defonta Smith (groin), Jordan Melata (concussion), Andre Dillard (concussion), Greg Ward (toe), Grant Calcatera (hamstring).

BoSco is a new addition here. He took a big hit from Marcus Epps during Thursday’s training.

Although they didn’t train, Millata and Dillard were on the field today. A good sign that healing is progressing. Should be back soon.

Limited sharing

Mac McCain.

McCain was upgraded to a limited program after he missed several practices.

left practice

Both depth supports, Carey Vincent Jr and Jimmy Morland, left training early and have not returned.

Rooster transfer

The Eagles added a tight end to Jayden Graham’s injured reserve list, giving them an open place to work with them.

• Spoiler alert for today Radio BGN Episode: Kyzir White is the best player of the day. The veteran linebacker sniffed a screen for Miles Sanders and was in a position to lay wood right on it if the Eagles were dealing with the ground. White also jumped in front of Hurts’ throw to Goedert for a breakup pass/near capture. White’s speed is impressive and allows him to make flash shows.

• AJ Brown looked like a man among the boys when he hard-armed Cary Vincent Jr. in the helmet after catching him in the middle of the field. Just playing with DB.

• An interesting development: Britain’s vision of the future representatives of the first team on a large scale. This is after Kofi had his best days at camp on Thursday. Kofi had a few strong moments today, including one where he was caught on fire by K’Von Wallace along the sideline after being picked up. On a bad note, Covey dropped the potential landing on the final cast of the practice (during the development period). Can Covey break the list as WR5 or WR6 and the highest bet payout? Pre-season games will be big to determine his future.

• My friend Jason Huntley had a day. Despite being the lightest on the team at 193 pounds, he moved on as a defender in the open field in a midfield sprint. Huntley also made a good run towards the left side as Josh Jobe hits an adult man’s arm. It was that run that raised a number of his offensive teammates. “Yes, Hunt!” Let the record show that Huntley has juice.

• Galen Rigor almost impressively grabbed the ball when he returned to the ball along the left lateral line, but could not maintain possession on the ground. Credit Joby for tight coverage on Regor and possibly hitting the ball.

• Joby had a PBU in throwing Gardner Minchiu over the middle. This was the best and most famous of the Gopi days. It comes at a good time for him with the injury of his rivals (McCain, KVR, Moreland).

• There was an actor where either Miles Sanders had a really bad confusion or there was a failed delivery from Hurts. Either way, look for the offense in a sloppy way.

• Derek Barnett had a quietly good camp. And in my memory, he was only punished once

• Milton Williams made a gentle “intervention” on the screen pass to Gainwell.

• Probably Red Sennett’s worst practice. He forced a ball into the tilted cover and nearly caught Jared Maiden. Then he threw straight to JaCoby Stevens for his interception at 7-on-7.

• Andre Chachere cut Minshew’s pass to Deon Cain at the pickup point. There is no way Wallace can be ahead of Chachere on the depth chart.

• Carson Strong sent a telegram over the middle to Noah Togyai, which was easily shot by one of the defenders. Follow it up, though, with an accurate ball to Keric Wheatfall on an off road. Nice to see positive play from rookie player QB.

• Since I was focusing on 7-on-7 while OL vs. DL In progress, allow me to outsource my notes on trenches for this bullet point. Good notes here from Inquirer’s EJ Smith:

I’ll add here that I saw UDFA offensive lineman Josh Sills had a good left tackle while facing Tarron Jackson. TJack had some nice rushing moments in camp, so stone jack Jackson was a good win for Sells.

• Today in Jimmy Kempsky’s Daily Bootcamp Interview Series for BGN Radio: Nobody. Jimmy forgot to charge his gear. Picture it on Twitter for me: Tweet embed.

next one: The Eagles hold their first and only practice open to the public at Lincoln Financial Field beginning at 7:00 p.m. Sunday night. [Click here for ticket information.] Then they will have a closed media tour on Monday.