Eagles Boot Camp 2022: Stock up and stock up after the second round of training

The Eagles have now gone through six training camps and made it to the players’ second day.

So it’s time to watch the stock again.

The Watch past stocks It came after three practices. In it, the players were Marcus Epps, TJ Edwards, Davion Taylor, Dallas Godert, Andre Chacheri, McCain III and Miles Sanders. The stock players who landed were K’Von Wallace, Devon Allen, Carson Strong, Zach Pascal and Milton Williams.

All new names in this:


DL Jordan Davis

The pads came out this week and the 340-pound nose treatment upped his game. I had the pleasure of watching him during 1-on-1s but he also flashes during 11-on-11 drills as well. Davis was getting more and more first-team reps as camp continued. Not only does he not look exhausted; It looks like he’ll make an immediate impact as a beginner.

CB James Bradbury

The veteran Giants full back was as solid as any player during this training camp. Steven Nelson was good last year but Bradbury is a better player. During this camp, Bradbury gave Defonta Smith everything he could handle. That would help Smith enter his second NFL season.

D Brandon Graham

Graham doesn’t look like a 34-year-old man coming out of an Achilles tendon injury. Although in Year 13, Graham is still an excellent seasoned player. He’s been making Jack Driscoll’s life miserable this summer as he works with the second-team defense. And Graham is still a beast in those OL-DL drills.

WR AJ Brown

Brown has scored more goals than anyone with a first-team attacker this season as he and Galen Hurts discover how to play with each other. Brown is big and very strong and he is able to use his body to become a big target for the midfielder. His hands are soft and he’s already appeared in plays that will give the Eagles a set from YAC. He was making life difficult for Darius Sly.

CB Avonte Maddox

We talked about Bradbury, but let’s not forget Maddox. The Eagles Corner had good fights with Ques Watkins throughout training camp and won many reps that you weren’t expecting. Even in 1-on-1s, which lean heavily toward the attack, Maddox seems to be winning a lot.

C Cam Jurgens

Although Jurgens got first-team delegates early in camp before Jason Kelce returned from COVID, he’s really starting to show his ability with the pads coming out this week. He is compared to Kelce because they are small centers and have great sportsmanship, but it’s also clear how powerful Jurgens is and how experienced he is when it comes to using his influence. Like Davis, he has been impressive in 1v1 matches and also in team training. It’s not about blocking the second level either. Jurgens is strong in the middle of that streak.


QB Gardner Minshew

We didn’t get to see Minshew at a bootcamp last year, so this is our first extended look at him in practice. It wasn’t great. He threw in a lot of objections and couldn’t get into a rhythm. Now, some of this may be because the Eagles are so deep in their streak that Graham, Derek Barnett, Milton Williams and (on occasion) Davis are rushing into the second team. But Minshew made a lot of mistakes and struggled to get ahead. Minshew did a little better on Thursday, but that wasn’t enough to pull him off this list.

Clatera TE Grant

This is not Calkatera’s fault. In fact, it was a pretty great start to his first training camp. But he picked up a hamstring injury on the third day of camp and has now missed three full workouts. For a rookie pick in the sixth round, this time is very valuable. The Vultures have to make sure he’s healthy and won’t come back early, but it’s not great that he misses all that time.

LP Nakobi Din

It’s not that Dean made a mistake or a mistake during the first two rounds of bootcamp. But he didn’t make any big plays, either. The problem with this is that most of the other linebackers were all playing starting games. T.J. Edwards, Keizer White, Devon Taylor, and Sean Bradley have all played big plays. The best of the bunch was Edwards, which would make it very difficult for Dean to shed the shots at the MIKE linebacker spot. I’m still optimistic about Dean, but it may be more difficult for him to gain more playing time than we initially thought.

CB Tae Gwan

I really like Joan’s aggressiveness but it works against him in these modern practices. If the eagles did not have rulers in these practices, the Guan would probably not be on this list. But it was so useful with coverage that it was called up for DPI multiple times. Aggressiveness is great and Joan made positive plays in this camp, but the penalties are starting to overshadow her.

Out for Raven Clark

With Jordan Melata and Andre Dillard on the shelf on Thursday due to a concussion, veteran Clarke resolved on a left-hand tackle. It did not go well. It’s hard to put Clarke on this list after one bad workout, but he wasn’t just defeated by the top-tier impulses of the Eagles. He was being beaten 1 on 1 by the backups, too. Clarke is fighting for a spot on the roster and I expected a more consistent performance from a veteran.

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