Duncan Robinson of Miami Heat undergoes nose surgery

Although Duncan Robinson’s future with the Miami Heat remains somewhat of a mystery amid unfamiliar trade rumors, the 3-point specialist has cleared the air.

And for this aspect of his personal growth, he credits former Heat teammate Rodney McGruder.

In this week’s edition of his podcast, Robinson provided a follow-up from an earlier issue of The Long Shot, when he said he was planning nose surgery.

Robinson said he is now breathing easily.

“I’ve mostly focused on improving and playing a lot,” he said in the podcast taped during the summer league. “I actually had surgery, it was very minor. It was an elective surgery. I had an old fracture in my nose, and I haven’t been able to breathe out of one of my nostrils, basically my whole life, since I was in the seventh grade.

“So an old colleague of mine, Rodney McGruder, had the surgery too. I reached out to him and asked him like, ‘What’s the experience?’ He said it’s going to change life for sleep and conditioning and everything. So I got a consultation and it turns out my right nostril is 90% blocked. So I was getting On half the air I can get.”

Robinson said he is now reaping the benefits.

“It was brutal for about 10 days,” he said. “But we’re on the other side of that now, fortunately. I can breathe. Something amazing. I feel like a new guy.”

With Robinson due $16.9 million this coming season in the second of five years, he was awarded a $90 million contract a year ago, it has been Linked to many potential thermal bids To add another leading man this season, including Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant and Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell.

Having emerged from the Heat’s humble beginnings with a two-way contract in 2018, Robinson spoke during his latest broadcast about the immersive nature of Heat culture during a discussion with former NBA players Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye.

“I don’t want to say it’s found in more similar theories,” Robinson said. “Like culture is real, and that’s what we talk about a lot. I think it’s more about a certain level of accountability.

“It’s like maximizing every single day. As if they’d never, ever, ever let you have a day where you didn’t show up and check the box. They’d make sure you were in the weight room and watching the movie.”

“I feel in theory that what was talked about in the league, it was talked about like a little crazy… I really think it’s just about prioritizing being a professional.”

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But he acknowledged that there are particularly difficult elements.

“Body fat is a real thing. Once a week,” he said.

“Here’s the thing that kind of bothers us, is we love playing in Chicago, we get on a plane, we’re going back to Miami, we have a deep-dish pizza there. And we wake up the next morning, like, ‘You have weight and body fat.'”

“So people are like looking at pizza and people are like, ‘We had it tomorrow? What’s going on?’ So it’s like a little game at that.”

Robinson also gave an anecdote about his teammate Kyle Lowry and how the veteran goalkeeper has a unique way of keeping referees at a point.

“When we got Kyle for the first time last year, it was so early in the pre-season, I think everyone knows Kyle is having a tough time with the referees,” Robinson said. “But he was telling me – I don’t know if he had a movie, tape, book, I don’t know, proof – but he saved the place on the floor All the referees are supposed to be like a ball moving through the halfcourt.

“So what he does is he goes to the referees if they’re not in the right places. So if someone makes a call, they’ll be like, ‘You can’t make that call. You’re not in the right place.’”