Darrelle Revis, Devin Hester and all potential 2023 Hall of Fame nominees | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

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The 2022 Professional Football Hall of Fame class was consecrated Saturday in Canton, Ohio, and now that the prolific eight-man squad has entered the Holy Land, attention will turn toward the loaded HOF class in 2023.

A slew of superstars will find their names on the ballot for the first time, including cornerback Daryl Reeves, offensive tackle Joe Thomas and a pair of seven forward defenses Dwight Phryne and James Harrison.

In addition, a slew of talents finished in HOF last year but never made it to the final stage, including linebacker Zach Thomas, wide receivers Reggie Wayne and Tori Holt and veteran specials Devin Hester. They will return in 2023.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest names on next year’s poll (including a few of the… Supreme Committee Semi-Final List) along with some quick notes on a few of the brightest stars.

Notable First Year Players

D Dwight Phryne

LB James Harrison

O.T. Joe Thomas

CB Daryl Reeves

SS Kam Counsellor

And my face, Evans

LB Navoro Bowman

QB Carson Palmer

RB Chris Johnson

RB Matt Forte

RB Chris Johnson

P Shane Lechler

Class 2022 Finalists

D Jared Allen

OT Willie Anderson

CB Round Barber

WR / KR / PR Devin Hester

WR Tory Holt

WR Andre Johnson

LB Zack Thomas

DE / LB DeMarcus Ware

WR Reggie Wayne

LB Patrick Willis

Higher Committee considerations

RB Roger Craig

CB Lester Hayes

O T Go Jacoby

D. Jim Marshall

LP Clay Matthews Jr.

WR Sterling Sharp

CB Iverson Wallpaper

Notable nominees for the Hall of Fame

CB Daryl Reeves

Former NFL cornerback Daryl Reeves was so dominant that the term “Revis Island” was coined to describe his coverage of the shutdown. He acted as a catalyst for the 2009 and 2010 Jets, making the Asian Championship match in back-to-back seasons, and helping the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl in February 2015 as well.

The 11-year-old NFL veteran made seven Pro Bowls and earned four All-Pro Nods. He is already a member of the All-2010 Hall of Fame, and it is a matter of time before Canton allows him to enter the building. That time should be, frankly, spot on.

WR / KR / PR Devin Hester

Over the course of his career, Devin Hester has brought special teams 20 balls or kicks home for touchdowns. That includes his one point cut-off, when he took home 92 yards to open Super Bowl XLI. That doesn’t include the time he returned a missed 108-yard field goal for a touchdown earlier that year against the New York Giants.

He was just a force to be reckoned with, and a Hall of Fame seat should be imminent even though he failed last year. Hester is absolutely the best at replaying kicks and kicks, and there is simply no debate about it.

O.T. Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas’ NFL career began with him hunting at home in Wisconsin when the Cleveland Browns selected him third in the 2007 NFL Draft. He ended up making 10 Pro Bowls and six All-Pro teams during an impressive 11-year career. season.

Thomas started every singles game for the Browns from 2007 to 2016. Cleveland struggled hard during that time period, but left-handing was never an issue with the team with the best footballer every Sunday.

Mammoth LT ended his career as one of the best players to ever play his position, and he should be the first to be voted into the Hall of Famer this year.

LB Zack Thomas

Former Miami Dolphins quarterback Zach Thomas did well for himself as a fifth-round pick. The Pro Bowler played seven times and five All-Pro in the NFL from 1996-2008, with all but his last season with the Fins.

The 2000s All-Decade member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame was a standout in Miami, leading the league in competitions twice. The Dolphins have been .500 or better in all but three of their seasons thanks to this quarterback, who has been a running stop machine and one of the best defensive leaders in football.

LB Patrick Willis

Patrick Willis played seven full seasons in the NFL, with his eighth and final campaign wrapped up after six games due to a toe injury. During those seven seasons, though, Willis stood as the epitome of excellence as a center back.

The former San Francisco 49ers star made seven Pro Bowls and five All-Pro teams. He led the NFL in tackles twice, including 174 during his rookie year (2007).

The 49ers also had huge success with Willis from 2011-2013. During that time, San Francisco made three NFC Championship matches, winning one. Those 49 teams finished in the top three in the fewest points allowed annually.