Dallas Cowboys Boot Camp: Maybe the kids are okay at the receiver

while the Cowboys in Dallas Finally he did something to address his depth issues, he was at full-back with the signing of Anthony Barr. This still leaves some other areas of concern. One of the things we talked about most was the wide receiver, experience level taking a hit with injury to James Washington. As you may have heard, this leaves the team with only CeeDee Lamb and Noah Brown getting a pass in a regular-season NFL game so Michael Gallup can come back from his injury. Lamb is only in his third season, while Brown has seen very limited use so far in his career with a total of 39 catches over four seasons, none of which were for relegation. With a stated approach that there is no compelling need to sign another veteran receiver, the plan appears to be to work with these two as well as a third-round rookie, a sophomore who saw no real game last season, and a whole host of current and past UDFAs. It seems that the long odds that you will succeed.

Well, it looks like the staff Han Solo’s guidance In not wanting to hear the possibilities. And during Thursday’s bootcamp training at Oxnard, these recipients were doing everything they could to prove they were ready for the challenge.

And TJ Vasher was running a shorter route, which already had camp hunting under his belt.

Could the Cowboys ever quit on this? The healthy skepticism is still warranted. These are just camp practices. Pre-season games might tell a different story, not to mention the regular season. But that hardly sounds like a failed receiver by committee mode like Dallas tried to work with in 2018. That was, of course, so bad that they had to give up their 2019 first-round pick to bring in Amari Cooper to save things. Ironically, the decision to trade Cooper away for a pittance was a major factor in causing all the anxiety in the recipient. They also chose not to try to retain Cedric Wilson, who could be contending for a starting job if he is still on the team.

Jerry and Stephen Jones both said words to the “We Love Our Guys” effect when asked about the condition of the wide receiver. It is noteworthy that the above names, with the exception of Tolbert, are all players who have been with the team for at least one season, even if they are not on the field for matches. The coaches have an idea of ​​the players and their work ethic that may have inspired some confidence in the group. The 2022 UDFA’s flagship appears to be Dennis Houston. He didn’t appear in the gossip on Thursday, but he’s gotten a lot of work with the pair previously and has done a good job.

The real key would be the top three WRs until Gallup gets back into the mix. The load is undisputed WR1. Galen Tolbert has a great rookie camp and probably almost has a junior job. And it looks like Brown will fill this trio.

So if they have those three and two good backups, maybe two from Simi Fehoko and Vasher and Houston, that might be a viable target set for Dak Prescott.

Moreover, wide receivers aren’t the only ones that have a role in the scrolling game. Dalton Schultz performs every exercise in play, and it’s usually just the thing Prescott looks for when he has to improvise under pressure. We all hope Tony Pollard gets more involved as a future to take advantage of his skills and talent. Even Ezekiel Elliott was co-starring in a play that would be great to see her appear in the regular season.

There’s even a wild card in KaVontae Turpin. It was acquired primarily to give the team another option for replays and shootings, but it also showed some great ability when used as a slot receiver. It can also be very dangerous in aircraft sweeps, sort of as an aid in the scrolling game.

Again, we are only talking about practices. But all of these guys ran good ways and pulled the most balls that come close. They are looking at a portion of the NFL receivers, something that was sorely lacking during the failed 2018 trial. With some creative help from Kellen Moore, the team may succeed in this business and do well.

Keep some judgment until the games start to count. We can still admit that things are looking a lot better than we imagined just a couple of weeks ago.