Dale Earnhardt Jr. was forced to fend for himself after being called an “idiot” by Denny Hamlin’s claim: “If this king lived this way.”

NASCAR’s most popular entity, Dale Earnhardt Jr., has recently been called an idiot in his podcast. Amidst all the conversations about runners Ross Chastain and Denny Hamlin at the Pocono Racecourse, everyone had their own feats, including the co-hosts of the Door Bumper Clear Podcast. However, this time, things got even hotter.

And everything turned into a three-way argument.

TJ Majors, Freddie Kraft, and Brett Griffin all agreed Hamlin Ross wasn’t ruined, but it was just a racing incident. However, Junior was firm on his ground and believed that No. 11 had already tried to smash the Watermelon Man.


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but, war broke out At Dirty Mo Media HQ.

What are you going to talk about?Earnhardt asked,

Kraft replied:Call you idiot.


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asked Del Jr.,Let me ask you a question. What did you decide on Denny and Ross? Was it revenge or not revenge? “

A former imposter, TJ Majors said, “The three of us said you were wrong.

man‘ said Earnhardt, amazed.The man came out and admitted it. “


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Yes, but he was very kind about it,Majors replied.

It was revenge with a scalpel, not a hammer‘ suggested Earnhardt, which elicited a great laugh.This is too much for me. Believe it or not, this is as hard as my religion goes. Who knows? “

Earnhardt Jr. He could be right because Hamlin actually admitted it after leaving the car.

However, the rest of the group was resolute in their stance, much to the chagrin of Junior.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr drops F-bombs on his co-hosts amid an argument

Things got really hot, of course. Dale Jr. was definitely offended by this statement, as his response made his anger very clear.

AVONDALE, AZ – JANUARY 31: NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. reacts. In the garage during testing at the Phoenix International Raceway on Jan. 31, 2017 in Avondale, Arizona. (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

Things quickly got so aggressive on the “polluted air” section of the podcast that DBC co-host Mike Davis brought up the topic again. He felt that Hamlin had never touched Ross, although replays clearly showed that he did. Of course, Earnhardt Jr. wasn’t happy about that.

I’ve been watching racing my whole life,Hall-of-Famer said, “And I saw a lot of guys go off the lead in retaliation for something else that happened between them on the racetrack and definitely within 20 laps to go. Even on the last lap, I saw men shattered by history and controversies that went on. “

give me an exampleDavis asked.

Oh, Godang Mike, I’ve lived such a fun life all my life‘ replied Dale Jr. disappointed.

So you can’t think of a single example“Make reply.”Why the fuck do you have to? don’t curse. “

Give me five minutes and I’ll look for an exampleJunior replied.

Well, things are sure to get hot in the Dirty Mo Media neighborhoods. But what is your position on the debate? Did Hamlin reach out to smash Ross? Or is it just a racing incident that Denny hopes to present as revenge?