College football preview: How the sport’s trend hangs in the balance

For years, summer has been known as the Talking Season in college football — media conference days in July produce a river of rhetoric from coaches and administrators that are pumping for bans and dealing with the future. But the last two summers It becomes looting season Additionally, with the Southeastern Conference and Big Ten making huge expansions at the expense of the Big 12 and Pac-12. This in turn affected the nature of the Talking Season.

at recent days , Speeches of the delegates of the conference Predicted, vetted, and proven more than anything coaches say. With revenues on an all-time high and The Fellowship at an all-time low, the boardroom drama is even more awesome than the actual games. The direction of the college athletics draft hangs in the balance, which is something of more appeal than the teams with the best off-season performance in the weight room.

We have now reached a lull – dare we dream, maybe even pause – in reorganization. We’ve heard from every conference delegate as they take stock of the scene. We’ve seen reviews from Greg Sankey of the SEC and Kevin Warren of the Big Ten. We just heard about the brass business from new Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark. We got a dose of bounce and perspective — sad and weak for some critics — from ACC head Jim Phillips. And we got a mix of dread and defiance from Pac-12’s George Klyavkov.

With Talking Season on hold and poaching season, where do we stand in college sports? Where has the reorganization taken us, and where it might go in the future? The author’s round table addresses six issues.