Checking in with former WNBA and New Zealand wildcats of Arizona

In the eleventh week of the season, the Atlanta Dream and Phoenix Mercury concluded their season streak. The Arizona Wildcats who are currently in the WNBA have finished their first year as opponents Owned by McDonald’sA dream of receiving the season series Sam Thomas Mercury 2-1. The teams competed head-to-head on Sunday, July 17th in Phoenix with Dream winning 85-75.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, the former Arizona striker Trinity Baptiste And the Dominic McBride The fourth round of play began at GJ Gardner Homes Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa. They also played in a game where previous Wildcats appeared on opposing teams last week, but neither player made it to the ground in the competition.

Come to McDonald’s and the Atlanta Dream

McDonald’s week started off strong with 12 points, 3 assists, and 3 steals in 16 minutes of on-road play against defending champion Chicago Sky. But her other two matches weren’t that strong.

MacDonald has a 4-17 overall and 1-8 of 3 in two games against Connecticut and Phoenix. Indicator 3 was a big one.

On Sunday, Phoenix tied the game 73-all with 5:11 to go. Atlanta managed to regain its lead to 80-75, but Mercury continued to threaten. MacDonald hit her 3-point shot with only 1:02 seconds left, putting an end to Phoenix’s hopes of a comeback.

Sam Thomas and Phoenix Mercury

One thing that can be said about coach Phoenix is ​​that Vanessa Nygaard knows what the fans want. On Sunday, July 17, I learned that many fans at the footprint center wanted to see MacDonald and Thomas on the floor at the same time. Nygaard is bound in the first quarter.

Thomas saw 1:18 from the action, but she didn’t have any stats against the dream. Before that, you hadn’t seen the stadium since July 7. She has only had more than two minutes of play six times this season and has played only two double-digit minutes twice. It last happened on May 29 when I played 22 minutes.

Thomas is 2 on 11 off the field this season. She has four rebounds, four assists and two blocks in a total of 73 minutes of play in 2022.

Mercury is 0.5 games outside the playoff position. The team didn’t have a pick in the first or second round of the draft back in 2023. Even if it did, the WNBA lottery is based on the results of the past two years, so Mercury likely wouldn’t have a great draft position even if they finished this past season. The team reached the finals last season.

In that regard, Thomas may have a chance to return to Phoenix next season and continue to develop. This will help her experience in Italy after the 2022 WNBA season ends.

Trinity Baptiste and mainland Boakai

Baptiste has established herself as an offensive star not only in the Pouakai roster but in the entire Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa. After the second round of play, it finished second in the league with 20.3 points per game. As the fourth round begins, she’s sitting at 21.3 PPG, and she’s still top of her team.

Boakai’s problem is that she and her American colleague Irene Wallen They are the only two players who average a double number for their team. Baptiste alone accounts for just over 30 percent of her team’s goals.

Baptiste and Valen Scored a total of 40 points In the match with Whai from McBryde. Baptiste also grabbed 13 rebounds. Boakai was still losing at home 99-69 despite McBride’s injury. Pouakai was unable to stop Lord Clarkwho went for 11 made 3 throws.

Pouakai is now 3-3

Dominic McBride and Way

McBride started the week with six points, one rebound, one assist, one steal and one block in Whai’s loss to Kahu on July 12. She has not appeared in any matches since then.