Boston Celtics urged to trade for $198 million

Boston Celtics urged to trade for 8 million

The Boston Celtics They shine during this year’s holiday season after coming in just two games to claim the franchise’s 18th championship last June. Although they may already be known as the runners-up in the league and cement their place as one of the top teams heading into 2022-23, Brad Stevens and his teammates will. … Read more

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The Celtics shouldn’t want to do anything with Kevin Durant

Celtics Once you think about it long enough, it’s easy to dismiss it. Kevin Durant may boost the Celtics’ championship chances in the short term, but they’ll compromise a lot. Written by Chad Fein, The Boston Globe August 15, 2022 | 12:09 pm An NBA executive reportedly believes Jaylen Brown is an ‘all in all’ … Read more

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Suggested Trade Sees Warriors Deal James Wiseman for Seth Curry

GT Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Seth Curry, now of the Brooklyn Nets. Financial issues have not been on Golden State Warriorsradar for years. Their property was more than willing to pay their players over and over in pursuit of championships, and it worked out beautifully. They won four titles in eight … Read more

NBA Trade Value Levels: Where Are the Minnesota Timberwolves Land?

We’re either at (or near) rock bottom in the NBA off-season. The biggest trades are completed (okay, maybe), most of the free agents are signed, and the rookies are finding their way after the June draft and first summer league. But I think I can speak for everyone even after Gobert’s trade, I was still … Read more

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Joe Domars recalls the Pistons near trade with Kobe Bryant: ‘It was so close’

Howard Beck welcomes Hall of Famer Joe Dumars. The former Pistons Bad Boy is now the NBA’s discipline czar, part of his new role as Executive Vice President and Chief of Basketball Operations. Domar discusses his approach to the job, then reflects at length on his tenure as Pistons GM. The following text is excerpted … Read more

The Memphis Grizzlies will play the Golden State Warriors as part of the NBA roster on Christmas Day

The Memphis Grizzlies are lining up to be part of the NBA’s Christmas Day roster for the first time. I’m Morant He will face the Grizzlies Stephen CurryAnd the Klay Thompson and the rest of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors on Dec. 25 in San Francisco, a source familiar with the league’s schedule plans … Read more