Carmelo Anthony’s former ‘Baby Shaq’ teammate revealed that Knicks players used to ‘cheat their wives’ with a special code

Baby Shaq has probably been named after a lot of big men after Shaquille O’Neal, but it all started with Eddy Curry.

The NBA had another good curry before del curryHis sons entered the league in 2009 and after. This 6-foot-11 man was one of the best high school recruits ever.

Illinois citizen, Eddie Careyled his high school team to second place in the 2001 state championship and became the “Illinois Mr. Basketball” and also won McDonald’s All-American MVP.

This led to the 19-year-old declaring himself in the NBA draft, which was probably the worst mistake of his life. Being the 4th pick in the draft behind the 4 big guys, Curry found himself picked up by the Chicago Bulls who had already drafted Tyson Chandler As their #1 choice.

However, in his four years behind Chandler, he averaged around 12 points, 55 rebounds and one block. But then he found himself in a deal with the New York Knicks, which started most of the problems in his football career and probably ended it.

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Eddie Curry aka ‘Baby Shack’ reveals the code Knicks players use to cheat on their wives/girlfriends

There were many other things going on within the Knicks or all of the NBA franchises at the time which led to Baby Shack seeing his career end sooner than he should have.

His averages of 15.2 points, 5.8 rebounds and 0.6 blocks were good to see his weight gain within two years after coming to New York. Aside from partying all the time and living their lives to the fullest as if there is no tomorrow, Carrie’s teammates have created a convenient way to have extramarital affairs.

“The stories in Chicago were funny, but rather inoffensive,” Curry said. “Stories in New York? That might break up someone’s house. I can tell they have Philip Chow and Mr. Chow. I’m thinking, it’s the same food and if you’re on this side of town, you’re here. If you’re next to the financial district, go to the area.” other”.

Eddie continued, “One night a colleague of mine was there,” Carrey said. ‘He said to me, ‘It’s a wonderful night, but from now on, we’re bringing our work to Philip and your wife to Mr. Zhao.’ I was at Phillip with my wife. It’s great now, he said, but from now on, if you find yourself about to come here, you can call people and tell them, so that they don’t come here with their girlfriends.” That was the craziest thing. To me. It really is like a cheat code or method.”

Many superstars like Carmelo AnthonyAnd the Amari StoudemireAnd the Chauncey BillupsAnd the J.R. SmithAnd the Galen RoseAnd the Matt Barnes Many other players played for the Knicks in that period. Curry not taking any names may cause problems for those who are still with their 10 to 15 year old partners.

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