Camp Depth Chart Released

Latrobe, Pennsylvania – Coach Mike Tomlin is nothing if not a follower of the NFL rules, and so when the league asks him to provide a depth chart, he provides a depth chart. Based on his history, consumers of this information and/or those whose names are found somewhere in it are advised to view it as something between the meaningless and what Moses brought down from the mountain hewn on stone tablets.

And so, without further ado, the Steelers’ depth chart for 2022, which should not at all surprise anyone who has been paying attention for this season or anyone who has learned how Tomlin operates during this time of year.

Of course, the most important line for those who take the time to look at this is the line that lists their quarterbacks. As has been since the first OTA shot in May, the quarterbacks have aligned as follows: Mitch Trubesky, Mason Rudolph, Kenny Beckett, and Chris Oladcon.

So it goes in line with the rest of the stances on offense as well. The starting offensive line is listed, from left to right, Dan Moore Jr., Kevin Dotson or Kendrick Green, Mason Cole, James Daniels, and Chuck Okorafor. Wide-start receivers are Chase Claypool and Diontae Johnson; At the narrow end it’s the Freymouth Pat; The linebacker is Nagy Harris, and the defender is Derek Watt.

As we’ve seen on the roster of quarterbacks, backups are usually ranked at each position based on years of service, either in the NFL or with the Steelers, or sometimes based on draft status.

For example, Benny Snell (in his fourth season) is No. 2 behind Harris, with Anthony MacFarland Jr. (going into his third season) at No. 3. Which is why, for example, the widely listed backup behind Harris Johnson is Anthony Miller (5th year player), then Gunner Olszewski (fourth year player), then Calvin Austin III (rookie but draft pick), then Tyler Snead ( Newbie but not draft pick).

One slight exception can be found in the backup receivers behind Claypool, because Cody White (Year Player of the Year) is listed at number two with Miller (5th year player) in third, but since Miller is already listed as Johnson’s primary backup It makes sense for someone else to be listed as Claypool’s primary backup.

In defence, the starting line consists of Cam Heyward in the defensive tackle, Tyson Alwalo in the nose tackle, and Larry Ogunjobi at the end of the defence. At full-back is Devin Bush or Robert Spillane at interior left-back and Myles Jack at interior right-back as a starter; T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith are the rookies at the outside quarterback. Cam Sutton is the starting right-back, with Levi Wallace or Ahkello Witherspoon at the left-back; The vaults are Terrell Edmonds and Minka Fitzpatrick; The nickel is Arthur Mullet.

If you’re looking for anomalies in the way backups are arranged on defense, Tre Norwood (Player of the Year) is listed at No. 2 on Free Safety with Miles Killebrew (Player of the Year) listed No. 3 there; And James Pierre (player of the third year) outperforms Justin Lane (player of the fourth year) as a substitute for Sutton at right-back.

Chris Boswell, Presley Harvin, and Christian Koontz are the #1 strikers, the gambler, and the long snapper, respectively. And Olszewski is the kickoff and primary pot return, with Austin as the primary backup at both locations.

As Tomlin once said, “People want to create deep charts this time of year, so be it. They change.”