Bucs Training Camp Notes (Practice #8) – JoeBucsFan.com

It wasn’t a boring practice at Boss training camp this morning. Chris Goodwin is back, Mike Evans had his usual summertime hamstring discus (we think) and Tom Brady wasn’t around. He has been missing from One Buc Palace since the release on Wednesday of the results of the NFL manipulation investigation, of which Brady was a key figure.

Joe really dreads breaking the news late Friday afternoon.

So let’s move on to the notes, shall we?

* Blaine Gabbert channels Michael Vick and runs the goalkeeper in the middle. His next pass was broken, followed by a full pass to Cam Pratt on the left side.

* The playoff is played by Lenny on the left on the three holes (between the left tackle and the goalkeeper) using a large hole.

* A play was blown up in Lenny’s playoff as defenders got a huge penetration in the middle and pushed him to the right. loss of spouses.

* Rookie runs behind Rashad White in the middle, jumps over a defender just behind the line and makes good wins. Looks like there’s been more punches from the defenders this morning.

*Joe is not sure if Kyle Trask missed the shot or if he took a bad shot. But he was trained by Rakim Nunez Roche (“Nacho”). Trask didn’t come down but Nacho’s hit basically blew up the play.

* Throws Trask to Russell Gage on the left side and flies high to collect the pass.

*After that play, when the offense was back at the rally, Joe heard someone shouting in the attack “Let’s go” or “Let’s get it together” or something like that. Then Leftwich had the entire attack – all players – assembled into a big rally and after about 30 seconds, Attack 11 assembled on the training ground and then called into play.

* Gabert split a pair of defenders to connect with Jaylon Darden. This was one of Gabbert’s best practices mainly because Joe didn’t notice any brand Gabbert throws.

* Camp Meat ran back Kingon Barner with big gains where Lenny ran earlier, on the triple hole.

* Rookie Tight End Cade Otton with a huge gain on the center from Ryan Griffin. You can tell Otton that he’s starting to get used to things after he missed all the off-season training and practice during his surgically repaired ankle rehab. Every day he gets more shots, more goals and he seems to be getting better too. It started to look like a real weapon.

* Julio Alert: Like Otton, who seems to catch the attack more and therefore gets more shots, so does Julio Jones too. Gabert had to climb into the pocket due to the rush of passes and hooked the needle to Julio in double coverage.

* Jabber escapes the pressure and starts running, then instantly locks the brakes and comes to a dead stop in his tracks when he sees Devin White heading his way. It seemed like a head-on collision was about to happen. Smart move, Gebert.

*Tyler Johnson appears to have dropped a pass from Jabber along the right lateral line. Joe writes “show up” because Carlton Davis was a dove on the ball and Joe was on the other side of the field. It can’t be known if Davis got the ball (Davis checked Joe’s point), flipped it or distracted Johnson but the result was the same: incomplete.

* Defense looks a lot more lively today, generally moving around and having fun.

*Good to see: Ryan Griffin throws White in the left flat and is promptly wound up by Bucs sack king Shaq Barrett. Now he didn’t hit Barrett White (it would have been) and he rolled instead. Todd Bowles doesn’t want defenders to hit their teammates and Joe understands this, but can’t they wrap players without blowing them up? Shaq wraps up White by blowing it up is what Joe wants to see from all of the defenders.

*Jabert again threw left to flat for White and this time Zion McCollum jade on White.

*Otton lines up on the left side tightly on the tackle and grabs a pass from Griffin for a good profit.

* Jabber throws the ball short and low to Johnson to the right who lunges and dives for the ball and gets it.

* Gabber again with a short and low pass, this time to the left and Julio can’t quite get it because the ball gets away from his hands. Good effort though.

* Gabert contacts Mike Evans in the middle.

red zone exercises

*Gabert hits Johnson on the right at the goal line and in traffic (ball tipped?)

* Finally some hits: Trask throws Jerreth Sterns in the back of the end zone towards the right corner. McCollum was covering him and Keanu Neal was nearby. He reminded Neil Sterns that he was once a professional player by hitting Stern.

* Trask throws Ko Kieft into the right flat near the goal line. It was wide open but KJ Britt got a gauntlet on the ball. Kieft made a nice attempt to get the inverted ball back and sold it but the ball hit the ground in front of Kieft.

* Trask throws at the middle of the back end of the area and no one is home. Trask has had a very rough experience the past couple of days. Forget the second series, Joe isn’t sure Trask is the third based on his two previous practices. Let’s just say Trask hasn’t improved since the boot camp opened. Instead, it is heading in the opposite direction.

* Griffin tries with Stearns in roughly the same place as Trask did earlier and Griffin is chosen by Don Gardner.

7 out of 7 exercises

* Three consecutive completions for Gabbert: twice to Playoff Lenny on the right-hand side and then to Russell Gage on the right-hand side.

*Trask contacts Darden on the right sideline and then targets Trask Gage on the left sideline but the pass is dropped. To be fair to Tarsk, the camp meat he’s throwing hasn’t helped him in all previous practices (no, Gage is Not camp meat). Perhaps Gage heard footsteps as there were three defenders nearby?

* Trask throws White over the middle but the ball raises his hands and bounces forward. Lucky not chosen. This is not in Trask.

* Trask to Cam Brate on the left side.

* Gabert hits Mike Evans deep in the right lateral line and takes Evans down with his feet. But what about Hip Evans?

*Continues Trask to JJ Howland along the right lateral line and follows by connecting with Barner, right side.

* Trask tries to get the ball to Darden to the left side and Ross Cockrell appears to be guiding it. The ball bounces for Jamal Dean to pick it up as Cockerell enthusiastically shouts, “Choose, choose!” Cockrell points toward the end zone to rally his teammates to return.

* Trask tries again for Darden on the left side and Lavonte David sells a dip to get the pass and flips it away.

* Gabert puts in a nice pass to the right lateral line deep in Evans. The ball falls directly into the basket and Evans scores a touchdown and hits the ball. Joe discovered that Evans hit the ball out of frustration. Sadly, this would be Evans’ last practice practice as he straightened his hamstrings (per Todd Bowles) during play and Evans limped off the field.

*One nearby fan groans as if on the verge of vomiting, “It’s good we got Julio.”

*Gabbert to Playoff Lenny along the right sideline for about 15 yards.

11 in 11

*Gabert may have had a cover bag bouncing it in the pocket. He found Otton open deep in the right sideline for huge gains. Not only is this Jabbert’s best practice, but Otton also has his best camp practice. Unless Gabbert gets hurt or Trask really attacks the coaches’ minds, Gabbert is the second quarterback.

*Gabbert is cast to Playoff Lenny on a screen play to the left and Playoff Lenny has a wall of defenders driving a convoy for big winnings.

* Not all bad for Trask this morning. Roll properly and keep the ball for big gains.

* Loud and proudly! Lenny gets stuffed into the playoffs on the goal line and Nacho wrestles and stomps his feet while doing it goose step in contentment. Once again, defense plays with emotions this morning.

*Tracek throws low to Johnson on the left side and Johnson returns the ball and pulls it in and pulls it in. Receivers are floundering today, too. The Bowles should have some word choice for his team before training.

*Despite this, Joe hears one fan moan loudly, “You had a bad Trask’s day.”

* Cockrell smashes Griffin’s pass to Sterns who hits the deck over the middle. Cockrell stands over the Sterns and shouts, “Get that thing! t out of here!” Sure, it looks cool and gets Joe on fire and a crowd of about 500 fans love it (Joe thought training is closed today?) but this trick will likely be flagged at one of the games. Passion is a great thing and it’s encouraging to see but you have to have some self-control, man.

* Gabbert to Gage above middle. He passed the lane but was able to pull it off.

*Gabbert to Scotty Miller on a deep right-cross pattern. The crowd shouts his approval.

* Gibert to Julio on a short pass.

*Sterns dives for Gabbert and passes the right seam for about 35 yards. Defenders fail to touch Sterns to kill play and Sterns may not immediately realize that NFL rules allow him to stand up and run. But Stearns, after a pause, gets up and runs for the landing. Fun to play. This is also Stern’s best camp practice. Practicing in an air-conditioned Glazer Shed followed by a day off seems to have motivated a lot of players.

* Trask to Otton on the left side as Otton finished his landing and exit pattern. If Kam Gil wanted to sniff Oton.

* Trask to the immortal Cyril Grayson on the right side.

*Griffin throws deep into Devin Tompkins’ right sideline and the trail is just a hair too long.

2 minute workout

* Brett makes a pass from Jabir on the left side.

*Jo Tryon Soyinka enters from the right side and “bags” Gabert.

* The Trask connects with the Thompkins below the right side line for about 20 yards. Trask had a rotten workout (again) but it ended well.

*Joe isn’t sure what to do with this but Boss’ offensive coordinator Byron Liftwich was in a rally with Trask and followed him to the line of scrimmage. Leftwich said something to Trask as he switched from under center to rifle.