5 winners and 3 losers of the 8th Patriots bootcamp workout

Once again, the New England Patriots Hit the pitches on Thursday — and each other. After all, the team is back in full pad setup after spending Wednesday training in shells and shorts.

Needless to say, the intensity increased and so did the competition. Here are some of the players who caught our attention for better or worse.

Winner: LB Josh O’Shea. Uchi’s had a relatively quiet start to training camp, but the previous second-round draft was recently starting to make headway. He was at his best so far on Thursday, winning all three of his 1v1 matches: Uchi beat Udni Kagusti twice and also managed to get past Yasser Durant. He also saw some junior-level representatives in defense with the absence of outside full-back Matthew Godon.

Winner: C. David Andrews. The Patriots’ pole position not only increased his workload after opening boot camp on the physically unable to perform roster, he also had some good moments on Thursday. Those included 1 on 1 wins over defensive tackles Davon Godshaw and Daniel Iquale.

Winner: OT Justin Herron. Tackle the right backup Justin Herron has had some ups and downs so far in training camp, but Thursday definitely falls into the top of those categories. He looked good all day, clearing Ronnie Perkins in a 1v1 match as his best moment.

Winner: WR Tre Nixon. The Patriots’ attack only scored one goal during the final 11 vs 11 game in the red zone. That touchdown came courtesy of sophomore Trey Nixon, who pulled away from Malcolm Butler and crashed into a McJones machine near the back of the finish zone. It was one of four points Nixon stuck to during teamwork; It also seemed to be a 1 on 1 improvement.

Winner: DT from Godchaux. The recent extended defensive intervention continues to show why the Patriots are comfortable investing in it. Godchaux recorded several loss interventions and contributed two runs jammed during his last 11 to 11 run; The first was a co-production with Lawrence Jay, and the second was beat by…

Loser: O.L. James Ferentz. Ferenc is still second behind David Andrews, but had a rough day on Wednesday. Not only did he allow Godchaux to help control the line of scrimmage a few times, he also had no chance against Christian Barmore and Daniel Equal in 1-on-1s. He was also invited to comment, although only the media were watching the session.

Loser: CB Malcolm Butler. Malcolm Butler is back in training after missing Wednesday’s session, but had another uninspiring day. He was beaten by Nixon in the aforementioned drop and generally allowed his assignments some space to work with on a fairly regular basis.

Loser: LP Ronnie Perkins. Second year quarterback Ronnie Perkins continues his inconsistent campaign this summer. Thursday was one of his worst days, losing 1 on 1 against both Isaiah Wynn and Justin Herron and he didn’t seem completely comfortable during the teamwork. At this time, Perkins plans as a depth option.

Other noteworthy players include Cole String, Damarcus Mitchell and Brian Ray. Strange showed some improvement during the 1-on-1s; Mitchell achieved a potential position in the teamwork; Ray was able to get some trouble for Trent Brown.

The three young men and the rest of the team will return to work on Friday. However, this session will take place inside Gillette Stadium rather than the training grounds.