49ers news: Welcome to the Gulf, Willie Snead

Kawakami: Jimmy Garoppolo’s commercial proposal and other 49ers camp notes (paywall)

“…Lance made the best shot I’ve ever seen… It was just a confident mid-range laser shot under pressure in the pocket, so I found Joan Jennings Across the middle about 20 yards down the field… as Lance was adjusting away from the pass rush, he turned to his right and looked in that direction, resulting in Fred Warner Up a bit, and then the ball quickly went down again over the middle and past Warner, almost like a point guard rigging the pump and the wrong foot of a big guy to clear a lane to the edge… It was Drew Bryce/Patrick Mahomes kind of play and something I didn’t see from Lance until Friday” .

Branch: 49ers practice report: Shanahan sends meaningless message on summer clippings (paywall)

“We were shocked to talk at the end of the year,” Shanahan said. “Going up to (CEO) Jed (York) and just asking him what’s going on, and Jade said, ‘Oh my God, Iok spoke to me. ‘ And he randomly comes into my office and stares at me and says ‘hello’ and then I had to have the conversation.”

49ers to sign WR Willie Snead

“For his career, Snead has 279 receptions, 3,431 yards and 16 touchdowns. He’s giving the 49ers some veteran depth in their off-season roster with now Mack and Marcus Johnson disappearing into concussion protocol after injury from linebacker Fred Warner.”

Hutchinson: 49ers practice report: Trey Lance medical day

It’s unclear what kind of ordinances he holds from Kyle Shanahan in terms of processing. The end result of the play is not nearly as important as the process, and Shanahan might encourage him to focus on the process of reading his readings even over the plays when he makes a different decision in the game’s situation.

That’s all to say, Lance was fast on Friday. His process was fast. His decisions came before the pressure. In the previous days, he had taken a few bags, and they weren’t all his fault.”

49ers camp report: Trey Lance, Deebo Samuel and forced attack (paywall)

“The offense even managed to get past the tough stops Shanahan intentionally made for her. He called three stops to start driving—not because anyone had an actual offense, but because he wanted to see the offense run from the first and 20 stops of his 5-yard line. ..the offense managed to move the chains.Lance hit receiver Deebo Samuel for the conversion in third and tenth.QB Nate Sudfeld, who was 14 of 16 sharp during the entire exercise, tied a tight end for Tyler Croft to score the first lead for the second team.Then Brock Purdy hit offside third on the KeeSean Johnson scales down again.”

Cohn: The Good and the Bad from Day 8 of Bootcamp: TriLance’s Best Practices So Far

He completed 9 of 13 pass attempts, and Malik Turner dropped one of his throws. This practice was definitely Lance’s best camp so far. He didn’t complete any long throws, but was accurate on short and middle passes and generally took what the defense gave him. Perhaps playing with Depo Samuel, Brandon Ayok and George Keitel together for the first time helped.”

‘Everything has definitely slowed down’: 49ers QB Trey Lance is more comfortable in Season 2

“I know where every Chipotle is around and everything like that,” Lance joked. “For me, I feel more comfortable. I know the guys in the locker room a lot better. I’m obviously in a completely different situation than I was last year, and that was just a lot of fun.”

Kyle Shanahan: 49ers are comfortable with O-line mode, mid-fight

“[Brendel] Shanahan said. “But we also know Brunskill started off guarding at a high level for us. He played in interference. And Dan, really anything we ask of him ends up finding out. He’s playing at a good enough level to win him over, so we have some good options.”

49ers work on former QB jets and veteran future [reports]

“[QB James] Morgan was drafted by the Jets of Florida International University in the fourth round of the 2020 Draft. He didn’t take a hit in the NFL but entered the league with a strong arm.”

Kyle Shanahan reveals two new Class of 49 injuries, one of which sparked a fight Tuesday

“First, it was revealed that offensive lineman Jaylon Moore would be out for a while due to lower leg strain… The other injury was to senior receiver Marcus Johnson, who is in the concussion protocol. The injury occurred on Tuesday, the same day as the brawls between linebacker Fred Warner and wide receiver Brandon. Aiyuk. According to Shanahan, Johnson took a huge blow from the star linebacker, causing injury and sparking a scuffle.”

49ers Training Camp: 5 Players Who Were Most Impressive During The First 2 Weeks

“In the case of former Georgia Tech retreating Jordan Mason, who ultimately didn’t get drafted this year, his rise to Niners news magazine has been quite extraordinary. Combing through nearly every practice report, the 5-foot-tall Mason and 11 and 223 pounds is outstanding in one way or another.”