10 Players Who Can Help You Win Your League (2022 Fantasy Football)

League winners. These tend to be level-jumping players to help fantasy directors claim tournament glory. cooper cupAnd the Lamar JacksonAnd the Patrick Mahomes He claimed this nickname in recent years. Who can help you win your league in 2022? Let’s take a look at the players our analysts have identified.

Players who can help you win your league


Galen Hurts (PHI)

In his first full season, Galen Hurts QB6 was in fantasy points in every match as the Eagles first started. An ankle sprain dropped his fast numbers from 57.9 to 29.7 yards-per-game over his last three competitions. Without that batting, the full season numbers could have been better. With another season in this offensive system incoming and AJ Brown Now on the list, Hurts has the three best midfielders of 2022.

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Dalvin Cook (min)

Same old song and dance dolphin cook In 2021. The Minnesota Vikings running backwards was a workhorse when healthy, averaging 22 touches per game (5) and 15.2 fantasy points per game (RB11). But the market appears to have been nervous about consensus number two being picked from last season, because he missed four games and his production didn’t keep up with his use.

His ADP slipped to the back of the first round, which is unwarranted based on the impending relegation regression Cook will experience in 2022. His 15th goal streak ranks fourth in the NFL last season, but he converted only three points into points. Given that Cook averaged 16 TDs from 2019-2020, the meager 6 TDs from last season seem like they’re on the radar.

Saquon Barkley (NYG)

Last season was terrifying fuel for I will be Barclay. In his return from an ACL injury, he recorded the lowest runaways of his career (3.1%, per Playerprofiler.com) and yards after contact per attempt (2.69, per PFF). With the Joe Judge and Jason Garrett brand of season-destroying special sauce disappearing, Barkley has every incentive to crush this year as a suspended free agent. with extras John FelicianoAnd the Mark Glowinskychoose the first round Evan Neal To pair with keep Andrew Thomas, blocking up front should be greatly improved. There can be a huge push back.

Cam Akers (LAR)

It is clear that experts and sharps are convinced of this Cam Akers Football sucks after averaging 2.4 yards per carry during the 2021 season after returning from an Achilles tendon injury – the worst sign of any running with at least 70 carry. But his inefficient production is partly related to the overpowering strength of the running defenses he encountered – the San Francisco 49ers (twice) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – when in fact the Rams RB didn’t run efficiently. 95% of his fast yards in 2021 came after contact – the highest mark in the NFL.

Did I also mention that he wasn’t supposed to return to ALL last season because of his Achilles tendon injury? If Travis Etienne comes back from his injury and fails to perform, will that be suspended against his stock?

There is simply too much emphasis on Akers production when touch volume is the main driver of fantasy running success. In a playoff game between the Rams on the Buccaneers, Akers played 81% of Los Angeles’ attacking hits and beyond. Sony Michael (Signed with Miami this off season) 27 to three.

I expect Akers to return to be RB’s best right-back next season in Sean McVay’s consistent 1RB attack, averaging over 20 touches per game. Daryl Henderson He has proven to be nothing more than a replaceable run that the Rams keep trying and replacing.

Not to mention, Akers has a run of soft defenses to open the season against the Bills, Falcons, and Cardinals. It wouldn’t take Akers long to push him early in the fourth round ADP in a solid attack.

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Travis Etienne Jr. (Jack)

Travis Etienne Jr He was a notable college football player returning for the Clemson Tigers from 2017 to 2020 and was selected by the Jaguars in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft-25 overall. However, his rookie season was cut short by Lisfranc’s pre-season injury. Some in the NFL have reported that Etienne could have come back at the end of the year if the Jaguar had been in a playoff rather than being the laughing stock of the league.

Etienne is expected to be fully cleared through training camp, giving him a leg up in the RB1 role as the Jacksonville Jaguars install a new offense under new coach Doug Pederson. with James Robinson In an effort to come back from a torn Achilles tendon injury on December 26, Etienne’s characters have been the highlight during this spring/summer.

Don’t forget what this guy did in Clemson Trevor Lawrence (QB – JAC) as the midfielder. During his final season as the Clemson Tigers, he led the country in the receiving yards and ranked second in receptions among their backs. Etienne also had the most urgent attempt at 20 yards (40) from 2018 to 2019 while carrying the ball more than 20 times only once since 2018.

Ramondry Stephenson (NE)

Ramondry Stevenson She had a very successful rookie season that shouldn’t be overlooked. After a complete escape from Bill Belichick’s kennel in Week 9, Stevenson had the highest score across the board.

It was the third highest rated PFF (84.2). Stevenson also ranked 13th in dash sprints and in yards per track (1.41). For fiction, the rookie running back was the RB25 in total points scored, eight points behind fellow backcourt Harris.

There’s a high ceiling for Stevenson, especially if you ask former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich. The ESPN analyst went so far as to say that Stevenson “…would be one of the best, if not one of the top three, running backs in the league based on what I saw with his strength, explosiveness, and running ability.”

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Cortland Sutton Airport (DEN)

Entering the third year, it seemed Cortland Sutton He was on the cusp of a true fantasy WR1 production, but the 2020 season was lost to a torn ACL in Week 2. It wasn’t clear how far Sutton would return from his devastating knee injury.

But to start the 2021 season, the Broncos’ wide receiver looked like his old self. He averaged 13.8 Fantasy points per game (17) and had a 27% target share in weeks 2-7 during the regular season.

It wasn’t even Jerry JediThe return of Sutton – and the rest of the Broncos pass players – are stale in a crowded, compact attack led by a combination of Lock/Teddy Bridgewater. However, Sutton finished the season as the fictional WR46.

However, even on the anemic offense, Sutton still ranked seventh in the air yards (1,756), pinning between the two. Tyler Lockett And the DK Metcalfein 2021.

Sutton has a real chance of regaining his elite form after another year with his ACL injury. It also helps tremendously that he received a super promotion at quarterback with the Denver trades Russell Wilson.

Wilson has long been an elite passer—he was the sixth-highest-ranked passer in throws over 20 air yards last season—playing largely into Sutton’s strengths as a vertical threat.

Michael Bateman Jr (India)

Pittman got the real WR1 treatment from the Colts coaching crew in 2021, leading a road on 96% of offensive dropouts—only third. cooper cup (WR1) and Ja’Marr Chase (WR4) up to 17 weeks. He also finished the season tied with the eighth-highest target share in the league (24%), which was 11 percentage points higher than the next closest colt, Zach Pascalby 13%.

He also made 18 contested shots in a featured reel – the fourth most in the NFL. His target share of 31% of Weeks 13-18 cemented his place in the Indy’s WR1 chair heading into 2022.

with Matt Ryan Underneath Pittman’s center has the potential to be a fictional Top 12 option. Ryan has a history of fanning out fantasy WRs like Julius Jones And the Calvin RidleyMaking it into the top five isn’t all that crazy for Big Mike in 2022.

Don’t forget that last season, Ridley as the Falcons’ No. 1 receiver had the sixth highest target score per track, and ranked second among all wide receivers in predicted fantasy points per game (16.5).

Mike Williams (LAC)

Mike Williams He had the opportunity to take his talents elsewhere in a free agency, but decided to stay in Los Angeles with his quarterback. Justin Herbert. It’s hard to argue with the option to sign a three-year, $60 million deal tied to a young star midfielder, especially when this quarterback has been fueling a career year.

He stormed the gate in 2021 as WR2 in fantasy for the first five weeks of the season, averaging 94.2 receiving yards and 1.2 receiving touchdowns per game.

Big Mike finished the season as a WR23 in fantasy points per game despite quieting down considerably in subsequent weeks as well as leaving a boatload of landing production on the table.

He finished sixth in end zone goals (16) but held only five for relegation.

With a positive TD slope on his side, Williams looks like a deceptive candidate to repeat his overall finish in WR12 in a half-point scoring format.

Sky More (KC)

Pop champagne and smash party hats. Sky More Landing in Kansas City is a near-perfect outcome. Moore lands on a talented attacking player with an elite midfielder and offensive genius. yes, jojo smith schusterHis presence would hurt the expected upside of his target, but Moore has the talent to emerge as a No. 2 choice in this pass-only attack. Travis Kelsey. I know I sound ridiculously optimistic about Moore, but for a player who turned into a wide receiver when he arrived in Western Michigan and then proceeded to post a college dominator rating of 91 and absorb the 99th target percentage, the ceiling is enormous. Moore is a barrier-breaker and will be a veteran of YAC. I would aggressively recruit him into the rookie dynasty drafts not only because of where he landed but his talented profile ensures that.

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